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The Health and Safety Office works within the Directorate of Governance and Legal Services and are based at Huntersdale. The Health and Safety team provide advice, assistance and involvement at operational and strategic levels, as is necessary to ensure that the health and safety standards to which the College is committed are met. Such standards are those prescribed by legal, best practice and other relevant criteria, including those established from the risk assessment process. Day to day, colleagues in the Health and Safety Office:

  • Formulate and review policies and procedures;
  • Provide advice and assistance on the implementation of these policies and procedures;
  • Develop procedures and processes to assist with the management of health and safety;
  • Provide training and ensure the establishment of standards of training to meet identified needs, including those required by law;
  • Review, on behalf of the College, compliance with legal, best practice and College standards (auditing).

 Meet the team:



Matt Purcell BSc (Hon), PgDip, MA (Law), CMIOSH Director of Health and Safety
Huntersdale - HUG24
Extension: 3828
Office: 01784 443828





EaineCassidyElaine Cassidy B.Sc., PgDip, M.Sc., CMIOSH 
Health and Safety Officer(Auditor) 
Huntersdale HUG25 
Extension: 3029 Office: 01784 443029 




Elaine Cassidy can be contacted in relation to:

  • Health and safety auditing.
  • Supporting departments by facilitating with health and safety management arrangements.
  • Providing health and safety advice to departments.
  • Advice on implementation of health and safety policy and procedure
  • Enquiries relating to noise and vibration.
  • College contact for the Health and Safety Consultative Committee.
  • Conducting specialist display screen assessment reviews.




Alan Oakes
Fire Safety Officer
Huntersdale - HUG22
Extension: 4641
Office: 01784 414641


Alan Oakes can be contacted in regard to College fire safety, including: 

  •          Fire Risk Assessment issues
  •          New Building Projects
  •          Works being planned in existing buildings
  •          Fire Training courses
  •          Events – both internal and external
  •          Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs)
  •          Liaison with Surrey Fire & Rescue Service
  •          Advice on other fire safety related matters



Matt Dickson
Health and Safety Officer (Estates)
Huntersdale - HUG22 / Estates Workshop
Extension: 3353
Office:  01784 443353

 Matt Dickson can be contacted in relation to:

  •          Building Safety
  •          Accident/Incident reporting and Investigation
  •          Chemical and Laboratory Safety
  •          Legionella Management
  •          Risk Assessment




Hilary Lobb
Secretary/Administrative Assistant
Huntersdale - HUG24
Extension: 3828
Office: 01784 443828



Hilary Lobb can be contacted in regard to:

  • Initial enquiries in relation to College health and safety   
  • General training requirements
  • First aid training requirements
  • Driving on college business 



The Compliance Team


Stephan Scheiner
Compliance Manager
Huntersdale - HUG22
Extension: 4637
Office: 01784 414637


Stephan Scheiner can be contacted in regard to College compliance matters, including:

  • Asbestos Management including removal and work permits
  • Asbestos information requests
  • Legionella management
  • Statutory inspections of Pressure systems and lifting equipment.
  • Management of fire drill and weekly fire alarm schedule
  • Emergency lighting and other statutory compliance requirements





Peter Colvin
Compliance Monitor
Mobile: 07786 110797



garyfahey-cropped-235x175Gary Fahey
Compliance Monitor
Mobile: 07786 110797




Peter Colvin and Gary Fahey can be conatcted in regard to College day to day compliance matters, including:  

  • Day to day enquiries about general fire safety, weekly fire alarm testing and annual fire drills
  • Fire extinguisher requirements / servicing / request for events
  • Carrying out one off PAT requests
  • Safety inspections on external spaces across the Campus
  • Plant room safety