our 2016 Staff Survey 

Our 2016 Staff Survey ran from Monday 31 October to Friday 18 November

This autumn, we ran the College’s second staff engagement survey, so that we could hear your thoughts on a number of areas from how it feels to work at the College to line management and facilities. 

It's had two years since we last ran the staff survey and we learnt many lessons from running the staff survey for the first time in 2014. As a result, we made a number of improvements for 2016:

  • Firstly, we improved the data set for 2016. The questionnaire was shorter while still enabling us to be benchmarked against the sector on core metrics. There was also a clearer staff group breakdown of results, so that the insights will be more informative at a department level, in particular. 
  • Secondly, we set up an Employee Engagement Steering Group with academic and professional service representation to drive forwards the development of a College-wide action plan, and regular monitoring and reporting on this.

The results of our 2016 staff survey will also contribute to our institutional Athena Swan application as we aim to progress from Bronze to Silver accreditation in 2017.



I didn't receive an invite to take part in the survey - why not?

All established staff – both permanent and fixed term - were invited to complete the Staff Survey, whilst for visiting teachers, casuals and PhD students, we plan to use other means to gather their feedback, such as focus groups, which can be more tailored and specific during 2017. If you'd like to find out more, please contact your HR Business Partner.


Was the survey completely anonymous?

Yes, the Staff Survey was completely anonymous. Nobody will ever be able to see your individual answers or feedback. The unique password that you received to complete the survey was only provided to ensure that each person completed the survey just once. The demographic information you provided (such as age or ethnicity) will only be used to find trends across the College and not to identify individual people. 


What happens now?

The 2016 Staff Survey closed on Friday 18 November. Since then the results have been shared, we held a series of department meetings during February and March to review team results and to make suggestions for the College-wide plan.

Our College-wide action plan for 2017/18 will focus on three of the priority areas that matter most to us, as identified at a number of department meetings, the Staff Open Meeting in March, and a follow-up poll completed by colleagues across College.

The 2017/18 action plan will focus on:

  • a clearer shared purpose and priorities which in turn can inform resource management;
  • greater understanding and collaboration between departments; and
  • better staff facilities.

The next step is the formation of three working groups, which will lead the developments in each of these areas. Currently, the groups are as follows:


Sub-group chaired by

A clearer shared purpose and priorities, which in turn can inform resource management

Julia Roberts

Greater understanding and collaboration between departments

Ellie Rayner

Better staff facilities


Over the coming months, we will report on progress on the staff intranet and in the staff newsletter.


If you'd like to know more about the data set, questions or the plans for action planning, please contact your HR Business Partner.

2016 survey results

Take a look at the Staff Survey College-wide results now. You need to be on campus or logged into VPN to download the pack.

Developments since 2014

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