Apr 20 2018

TaLIG event: A Workshop on blended learning, automated feedback and peer assessment, with Roland Tormey – EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland and colleagues from our RH Department of Computer Science

Blended learning models use both paradigms of traditional brick-and-mortar teaching and online digital technologies, attempting to bridge the gap between large class sizes and one-to-one teaching, promoting active learning and informed teaching. Automated feedback and peer assessment are key to scaling these models to different class sizes, which require innovative methods of assessment, both formative and summative, able to measure the pace of the class and to ensure that the learning outcomes are met.

The goal of this workshop is to exchange best practice on successful experiments integrating traditional and digital teaching, covering topics such as:

• Enhanced teaching

• Informed teaching

• Speeding up feedback (automated and real-time feedback)

• Bringing e-learning and MOOCs techniques to the classroom

• Flipping the classroom

• Ensuring students act on feedback

• Enabling self-paced study

It would be really great to hear from colleagues within Royal Holloway about their effective practice in the areas highlighted above; there are still some available delivery slots. Please contact Nuno Barreiro or Carlos Matos if you would be interested in presenting at this event.

This TaLIG Workshop has been organised in liaison with Carlos Matos and Nuno Barreiro (Department of Computer Science); please do contact Lynne Francis, Educational Development if you are also interested in co-organising an event within TaLIG.

The contents and reflections on this themed event are likely to be of particular CPD relevance to UKPSF Dimensions A1-A5; K2; K4; V1; V3; V4

To book a place on this event, please visit: https://moodle.royalholloway.ac.uk/mod/choice/view.php?id=342232

Places are limited; if you book and then find you are subsequently unable to attend, please cancel your booking so others may join the session.

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