Oct 17 2017

Consultancy can help generate income for the College and for College staff, including to fund their research-related activities. It can also be a good route to achieving research impact outside academia through client benefit and so potentially strengthen, or form the basis of, Impact Case Studies in the forthcoming REF. This workshop will explain how academic consultancy works, and what to do if you’re thinking about, or have been approach about, a consulting relationship with external parties such as businesses, policy makers, charities or others. If you are offering consultancy services already this can be a good refresher session and a chance to ask questions. We will cover:

  • Examples of previous consultancy activities across the College’s faculties, including Impact Case Studies from the 2014 REF
  • How clients and potential Royal Holloway consultants become aware of each other
  • The role of Research and Enterprise in assisting with consultancy projects
  • How to agree a work programme with a client, and a suitable price for a consultancy project
  • How consultancy income is distributed

Led by: Tony Greenwood (Head of Research & Enterprise) and David Wells (Research and Business Development Manager)

Please email orgdev@rhul.ac.uk to book your space.

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