Worship on campus


The Chaplaincy has a long history entwined with the College’s beautiful chapel. The two College Chaplains – Rev. Cate & Fr. John – are based along Founders West alongside ‘Breathe’, a multifaith space and meeting room.

They encourage Faith groups to work together, provide direction and advice for religious societies, and support all forms of Christian observance – both formal and informal – within the College.

Through sponsorship of a range of lectures and special services, the Chaplaincy seeks to provide a reflective space to every student and staff member, of all faiths and of none.

Chapel Services in term-time

All Chapel Services can be found in weekly news items. 

Morning Prayer

8:45am Weekdays (with Choir Monday-Thursday).

Lunchtime Holy Communion

12:30pm Thursday.

Choral Evensong

6:15pm Thursdays, sung by the Chapel Choir.

Lunchtime Catholic Mass

12:30pm Friday.

Sunday Evening Services

6pm An Ecumenical Service of Evening Worship.

7:30pm Catholic Mass.

Spring term: Monday 9 January to Friday 24 March 2017 (11 weeks followed by a four week Easter break)

Summer term: Monday 24 April to Friday 9 June 2017 ( seven weeks)

Muslim Prayer Facilities

The Muslim Prayer Room is located on the North A30 area of campus inside Wetton’s Annexe, just to the right of lecture room B. For any queries regarding the Prayer Room, please do contact our Chaplaincy’s Islamic Faith Advisor Nabil Hawa

Friday Prayers – Salāt al-Jum’ah

Friday Prayers are held in Wetton’s Annexe A at 1pm – to find the room, cross the foot-bridge by the main entrance. However, the venue changes to KW’s (Kingswood Dining Hall) during exam periods. The Islamic Welfare Association of West Surrey (IWAWS), a local Muslim community group, coordinates the prayers and khatīb (sermon leader) rota. Volunteers are encouraged to arrive early or remain after the conclusion of the prayer to help with the arrangement of the room.