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Academic collaboration

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Academic collaboration

We have a world-class reputation for original research and welcome inquiries from academics at other institutions who would like to collaborate with us on existing or new research projects.

When you collaborate with us, you will join a community of academics working at the frontiers of their subjects in specialist research centres that reflect the very latest thinking.

Recent collaborations include projects looking at:

  • The potentially dangerous effects of in-car SatNav systems
  • Accelerator science and applications in, for example, non-destructive imaging (when something fragile is being studied) and targeted radiation to treat cancer (hadron therapy)
  • The creation of a website giving free access to Europe’s TV heritage through videos, articles, images and audio from European audiovisual archives and broadcasters
  • The shift from colonial rule to independence in North India and Pakistan between 1947 and 1964

See below for more detail on these projects.

Contact us today

If you’d like to set up a new research collaboration, contribute to an existing project or access our research facilities, contact the relevant department relating to your field of interest. Our Research and Enterprise staff can also help link you up with the appropriate academic or research group.

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