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Superfluid Optomechanics

Superfluid Optomechanics

Welcome to the Superfluid Optomechanics group

In the Superfluid Optomechanics group, we develop novel macroscopic quantum systems to explore the frontier between the quantum and the classical world. This research progresses, hands in hands, with the development of new quantum technology applications in precision sensing and information processing. Our devices demonstrate ultra-high sensitivity for quantum fluids sensing applications, and offer great prospects for long storage quantum memories.

Superfluid Optomechanics aims to study quantum decoherence in macroscopic quantum systems. This type of study will help enhance the knowledge base underpinning quantum technologies development, which is anticipated to generate important societal and economic impact.



The Davis Lab at University of Alberta
Keith Schwab Research Lab at Caltech
Parpia Lab at Cornell University


Funding Agencies:

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Project: Superfluid Optomechanics with Nanofluidic Geometries

Quantum theory predictions, often counter-intuitive, have been mostly observed in atomic-scale systems (e.g. atoms, molecules). Thanks to recent progress, it is now possible to engineer quantum systems which show quantum features at the macroscopic scale. In our group, we couple light to mechanical resonators to study macroscopic mechanical motion at the quantum limit of precision.

Our mechanical systems are superfluid acoustic resonators confined into nanometer-scale cavities. These mechanical systems demonstrate unique features originating from the exotic properties of superfluid helium, the only natural quantum fluid. By coupling these mechanical systems to superconducting microwave cavities, we form quantum optomechanical systems. Our ultimate goal with this new class of optomechanical systems is to explore the frontier between the quantum and classical world.

Current members

Dr Xavier Rojas Royal Society URF, Principal Investigator
Mr Sebastian Spence PhD Student
Mr Simon Perrett Master Student

Former members

Ms Chichi Qi (Undergraduate student - summer placement 2019)
Ms Zaynab Tahir (Euromaster student - year 2018-19)
Mr James Halson (Master student - summer placement 2018)
Mr Zhe Xian Koong (Master student - summer placement 2017)

Selected Publications:

More publications

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Postdoc opportunities

We do not have funded postdoc positions at the moment. One may consider applying to other sources of funding for postdoctoral research opportunities:


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