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Evening Lecture : Quantum Technology - Challenges and Opportunities

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  • Date 04 Jul 2019
  • Time 18:30
  • Category Lecture

Quantum Technology - Challenges and Opportunities

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We are looking forward to host Professor Séamus Davis from the University of Oxford, who will give a talk on the fascinating topic of quantum technology. Information technology including computing, communication, encryption and the internet are anticipated to become wholly quantum mechanical as part of the emerging second quantum revolution. Global IT corporations such as Google, Microsoft, IBM and Intel are investing intensively in a race to achieve dominance in the new field of quantum technology (QT). Three interrelated elements are critical to QT: quantum information, quantum devices, and the quantum materials from which they will be fabricated.

QT requires these new quantum materials to exhibit some combination of macroscopic quantum physics (e.g. superconductivity), quantum entanglement (nonlocal interdependence of multiple quantum devices), and quantum topology (topological preservation of macroscopic quantum functionality). New experimental techniques are required for design, discovery and analysis of such materials.

In this regard, direct visualization of electronic quantum matter at the atomic scale is a uniquely powerful technique. In this talk Professor Davis will describe the development of new instruments and techniques for visualizing quantum matter. He will then discuss the implications of the general capability to visualize quantum matter, for fundamental physics research and also for advanced quantum materials and quantum technology devices.

This is a free evening lecture from the Department of Physics at Royal Holloway, University of London and everyone is welcome. You can download the poster for this lecture here

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