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2019 03 09 : Super Science Saturday

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Super Science Saturday at the Physics Department

  • Date09 March 2019

Last Saturday saw Royal Holloway host its annual Festival of Science, featuring eight departments from the faculty opening their doors to the public and allowing children and grown-ups alike to explore the wonders that each end of science has to offer.

2019 03 09 :  Super Science Saturday Big Bang

Big Bang public lecture

Within Physics, the laboratory held an exciting range of activities, with anything from levitating metal rings to recreating favourite sci-fi tunes on the theremin. Exciting shows from Dr Andrew Casey and Dr Stephen Gibson highlighted the department’s excellent research fields and proved that physics is far from boring.

Visitors were given the chance to explore the world with the planetarium shows, interactive virtual reality experiences, and recreate famous galaxies out of Lego before bringing things back down to Earth with a series of clean energy model exhibits.

Every demonstration was meticulously explained by the departmental ambassadors who were always keen to answer any question, and were amazed by the range of ideas in the arts & crafts section, where visitors young and old got the chance to create what they thought a dark matter particle could look like.

This extremely successful day saw over a thousand people inspired by the physics department and our guest exhibitors from the National Physical Laboratory, and we very much look forward to welcoming everyone back again next year!


By Alistair McShee

Photography by Angus Collett


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