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Studying French

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Studying French

To study French is to discover a beautiful and dynamic language shaped by history, culture and politics. It is also to encounter a vital European nation and a vibrant multicultural society undergoing enormous change.

The extraordinary influence of contemporary French cinema, fashion, architecture, technology and design stems from France's rich cultural tradition. French is also a global language: Francophone countries across Africa, Asia, the Pacific and the Americas play a central role on the world stage.

As a student of French at Royal Holloway you are within easy reach of London, France's 'sixth biggest city' with its wealth of French cultural resources (art collections, cinemas, institutes, specialised bookshops).

You will also be part of a stimulating and supportive academic community led by a team of dedicated and enthusiastic lecturers whose teaching is informed by cutting-edge research.

By studying French as part of one of our degrees you will be inspired to develop skills and passions that are not only personally and intellectually enriching, but also invaluable in the global marketplace.


Why you should study French at Royal Holloway

Degree combinations

You can study French as part of BA Modern Languages or as an element of CLC, European and International Studies (French), or Liberal Arts. We also offer French as a minor option in combination with subjects including Economics, Mathematics and Music.

Course units

Studying French means engaging not only with the language, but also with French and Francophone cultures more broadly. Alongside your language classes, you will have the chance to study translation and deepen your knowledge of French literature, film and history.

There is a great range of topics to study, from Medieval epics to 17 century theatre, 19 century novels and poetry, 20 century visual art, DADA, cinema and photography, French thought and philosophy, gender, food and consumption.

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Your year abroad: work, study, teach

The third year of the degree programme is the Year Abroad and you can choose to spend it either working or studying at one of our many partner universities in France, Belgium and Réunion! Whether you decide to work in a large company in Paris, study in Lyon, or teach English in a small village in Provence, the year abroad will provide an unmissable opportunity to improve and rapidly hone your language, as well as help you develop valuable personal and professional skills.

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