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Studying Liberal Arts

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Studying Liberal Arts

A wide-ranging degree

Ideal for students who are creative and inquisitive, Liberal Arts allows study of a broader range of areas than is possible in a traditional Single or Joint Honours degree.

Choice of programmes

Liberal Arts can be taken as a three-year programme or a four-year programme. If you want to pursue a language throughout your degree programme then Liberal Arts with a Language Year Abroad might be for you. It includes an integrated third year abroad in which to hone your language skills. This Language Year Abroad can be spent as a Language Assistant, at a university or on an approved work placement. An alternative option, open to all, is Liberal Arts with an International Year, allowing you to apply to spend your third of four years of study at an English-speaking institution with which Royal Holloway has links.

Core courses: BA Liberal Arts with a Language Year Abroad

In your first and second years you will take one full course unit designed especially for Liberal Arts students ('Cultural Encounters' and 'Power and Dissent'). In year one you will also take one full unit of a modern foreign language - choose from French, German, Italian or Spanish at advanced level or beginners' level - which you can continue beyond your first year if you wish. In your final year you will be asked to research and write a dissertation.

Course options

In addition to the core requirements in each year you will choose options from a wide range of courses offered by department and schools across the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and selected options beyond.

Each student takes four units per year in total so your options in year one will total two full units. In year two and your final year you will choose options to the value of three or four units, depending on whether you continue your language studies.

See full course listing.

Please note that the course list is susceptible to change each year and that options are subject to change, availability and timetabling. Your personal advisor will assist you with your course choices.

Typical modules for each year of study

For further enquiries contact the Programme Director, Dr Fabrizio De Donno (details above)

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