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Law in Outer Space!

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Professor Jill Marshall will be discussing how law and human rights are applied in outer space

  • Date05 November 2018

Professor Jill Marshall will be speaking alongside other Royal Holloway researchers on our Egham campus on 14 November 2018 to discuss the future of human space exploration. Professor Marshall will be discussing the application of law in outer space.

Outer space, stars, sky - Astrophysics

Mankind is preparing for a new space age: space agencies are planning manned missions to the Moon and to Mars, while commercial ventures may open up the prospect for non-astronauts to visit other planets.  During this event, we will engage in a multi-disciplinary discussion on the future of Human Space Exploration.  Firstly, Dr Elisa Ferré (Psychology Department, RHUL) will explain how microgravity impacts on human physiology and in particular cognition.   Then, Prof Jill Marshall (School of Law, RHUL) will reveal how law and human rights are applied in outer space.  Finally, Prof Adam Roberts (English Department, RHUL) will look at the presence of space exploration in Science Fiction.  Human Space Exploration gives us much to think about and discuss.

For more information on this event please see here:

Professor Marshall's research profile can be accessed here.

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