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ISG Open Day 2018

  • Date 26 Jun 2018
  • Time 09:00-17:00
  • Category Open day

ISG Open Day 2018

More than 250 friends of the ISG attended the 2018 Open Day!

The programme was be jam-packed with keynote lectures, sound-bite talks in 5 thematic rooms, discussion panels, activities for our younger friends and presentations from PhD students.

The 2018 Keynote speakers:

Professor Steve Babbage "The road to 5G Security"

Abstract: 'I will start by talking about 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G, explaining how security has evolved through those generations – and how the requirements have changed too, as different services have been offered over mobile connections.  I will then talk about 5G: the further security improvements that will be brought in in 5G, and the changes in 5G that have motivated or enabled new security features.  I will end with the remaining security challenges that I believe still need to be solved.'

Professor Steve Babbage is a Distinguished Engineer at Vodafone.  He is the head of security and mathematics in Vodafone Group Research and Development, and the chief cryptographer for the Vodafone Group.  Since 2002 he has been the chair of ETSI SAGE (Security Algorithms Group of Experts), the group that specifies all standardised crypto algorithms for 3GPP.  He is also a member of the Fraud and Security Advisory Panel at GSMA, and the Technical Advisory Board of Nok Nok Labs.  Before joining Vodafone, he worked in the mathematics department of Racal Comsec Ltd, a company that designed, manufactured and supplied communication security equipment for both commercial and military use around the world; Steve’s department was responsible for the cryptographic algorithms implemented in all this equipment.  Steve received an MA in Mathematics and Philosophy from Merton College, Oxford and a PhD in Mathematics from Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, London.

Professor Colin Williams "A Tale of Beer, Chile, Sheffield ... and Syn!" 

Abstract: The one about the man with an impressive beard who went from Sheffield to a far distant land to build a computer system from scratch to run an entire country in the service of socialism at around the same time that Elon Musk was born ... and why this matters to us all today.

Affiliations: Honorary Fellow, University of Warwick; Visiting Professor, De Montfort University; Founding Fellow Cyber Policy Centre; Editor "CyberTalk".

As both a businessman and as an academic, Colin is a prominent figure in the international cyber security community with over twenty years of experience in public sector enterprise IT, Information Assurance and cyber security. As a director of SBL, he develops and leads the business development strategy of a wholly UK owned and controlled market leading provider of vendor independent cyber security solutions to the public sector. He has been involved in initiating and delivering some of the largest software volume licence public sector procurement projects in the world.

As an occasional academic, he is developing a body of work around the human, intellectual, cultural, societal and historical context of computing and Cybernetics which he is delivering across a series of lectures, seminars and papers. Colin writes, consults and speaks on cyber, cyber security and strategic enterprise IT procurement in the UK and internationally. He is editor in chief of “CyberTalk” and new journal for the promotion and development of fresh and interdisciplinary thinking about cyber and the human relationships with computers.

We were very happy to welcome our guests on campus, including alumni, colleagues, friends and two schools!

We had a packed programme of talks and presentations, together with opportunities to network and engage in discussions with our experts based here at Royal Holloway. Activities included:

  • Thematic rooms with talks, demos and activities, including cryptography, smart cards, systems security, people and security.
  • an exhibit of one of the famous Enigma Machines from Bletchley Park, used during World War Two.
  • Sound bite talks from current students.
  • Display of PhD posters.