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Undergraduate studies

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Undergraduate studies

From the ancient past to recent times, we cover most of the globe.

Our students choose from a rich range of courses, undertaking core modules covering key and transferable skills. See our BA History offering.

As your degree progresses so will your level of knowledge and ability to work as a historian. Beginning with an array of choices in your first year, you will build up a portfolio of taught courses and independent research in the areas that most interest you, culminating in a dissertation supported by a member of staff with expertise in your chosen area.

By studying History at Royal Holloway you will gain a strong foundation for a variety of rewarding careers or further study.

The degree programmes

Our History degrees are based on a course unit system: you will take four units in each of your three years of study.

In your first year you will take foundation and gateway courses, which introduce you to broad historical themes and unfamiliar periods and cultures. In your second and third year the courses will become more thematic, with opportunities for individual projects.


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