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Holocaust RI receives Toni Schiff Grant

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Holocaust Research Institute receives Toni Schiff Memorial Fund Grant

  • Date29 October 2018

The Holocaust Research Institute is pleased to announce that it has been awarded £60,000 by the Toni Schiff Memorial Fund in order to advance its activities and to disseminate its research to a wider audience.

Train lines at Auschwitz, Holocaust Research Institute - History

The money will be used in the following ways: to finance travel for students taking the MA in Holocaust Studies over the next three years; to pay for a visiting lecturer, who will hold public lectures both at the College and at the Wiener Library in central London; and to finance a film festival in 2019-20, to be held in collaboration with the UK Jewish Film Festival. Although based in the History Department, the HRI is an interdisciplinary research institute and we are delighted to be able to host the internationally-acclaimed novelist Rachel Seiffert as our first visiting lecturer in the spring of 2019, when she will hold a public lecture, conduct workshops with students, and do a reading of her own work. Rachel Seiffert will also be giving the annual David Cesarani Memorial Lecture in January 2019. 

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