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Shut Up and Write!

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Shut Up and Write! (Your Dissertation)

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  • Date 24 Apr 2020
  • Time 11am-1pm
  • Category Other

Shut Up and Write! (Your Dissertation)

Calling all History dissertation writers: Are you finding it hard to concentrate in lockdown? Missing the library and studying with friends? Struggling with a schedule with the days rolling into one? If the answer to any of these is yes, then this session is for you.

As the dissertation deadline approaches, join us for a virtual Shut Up and Write session, to get your fingers moving and get words on the page. Whatever stage you’re at with your dissertation – planning, drafting, writing, editing – this is a chance to zone in for some focused time without distractions (I see you scrolling!). 

Some of you will be familiar with ‘Shut Up and Write’ and the Pomodoro Technique from our HS3106 Historiography session. For those new to the idea, Shut Up and Write is a global movement that aims to get people to show up and focus on their writing, whatever that happens to be. The idea is that by coming together with others we can work ‘alone together’ and draw on the motivation that comes from the collective energy of lots of people committing to work intensely for a couple of hours.  

We will meet for a two-hour session, during which we’ll bust out 3 solid Pomodoros (25-minute blocks of intense work), punctuated by short 5-minute breaks. We’ll also begin by setting some personal writing goals for the session (yours, not mine – this is whatever you want it to be!), and we’ll finish by getting some reflections as well as encouraging you all to identify next steps.

Don’t worry, you won’t be asked to share what you’ve done at the end. This is just about quiet writing – it’s between you and your laptop!


Further information

Please register ahead of time so we have an idea of numbers.


This event is open to 3rd year dissertation students only. We will email you a link to the meeting.

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