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Dr Jenni Sherriff, Lecturer in Physical Geography

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Welcoming Dr Jenni Sherriff, Lecturer in Physical Geography

  • Date11 September 2019

In the run up to the next academic year, we are delighted to welcome Dr Jenni Sherriff to the Department as a Lecturer in Physical Geography.

Jenni is a Quaternary sedimentologist interested in terrestrial environment change and hominin-landscape interactions. Her work combines field and desktop-based mapping, sedimentology, micromorphology and geochemistry to understand site formation processes and geomorphic evolution during the Pleistocene.

Jenni is currently working in two regions; the British Isles and the Southern Caucasus, where she is investigating principally fluvial sequences and several open-air and cave Palaeolithic sites.  In particular, Jenni is currently working on developing an environmental and chronological framework for Pleistocene hominin dispersal in Armenia, where she works with several international, multidisciplinary research teams.

Jenni undertook her MSc training and PhD research at Royal Holloway, and is excited to be back contributing to the Department.  Jenni will be leading the 3rd year module ‘Mediterranean Landscapes and Environmental Change’ (GG3016), as well as contributing to teaching on the 2nd year modules ‘Earth Surface Processes and Hazards’ (GG2021) and ‘Geographical Techniques’ (GG2001) plus undergraduate field trips.  She will also be part of the teaching team on the MSc Quaternary Science course

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