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  • Date03 July 2020

Congratulations to Dr Bethan Davies who has been awarded the Curry Fund Certificate of Excellence for Geological Education for

Since their 30th anniversary in 2018, The Curry Fund Awards Committee have awarded a Certificate of Excellence acknowledging a geological project that best represents the aims and objectives of the Geologists’ Association and the late Professor Dennis Curry.

We are delighted that this year’s award had been given to Bethan Davies to recognise the fantastic work of The website, set up in 2012, has been extremely successful in promoting public understanding of glaciers and climate change.

Motivated by a desire to publicly communicate the risks that climate change and rising sea levels pose to our world’s glaciers and ice sheets, it has evolved into one of the premier sites on this subject.

The website now also covers process explanations, glacial geology, ice sheets beyond Antarctica, and disseminates cutting-edge research for public and educational use. In doing so, it aims to inspire young people and school children with geology and geomorphology, whilst providing teachers with content and teaching resources for use in lesson planning.

Dr Bethan Davies commented: ‘We are so delighted that our hard work in public engagement has been recognised and hope to continue our work to communicate complex science to A level students and wider publics’.

Congratulations Bethan and team!

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