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Peter Adey

Professor of Human Geography
MSc Geopolitics & Security Programme Lead

Profile | +44 1784 443640

Eric Andrieux

Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Leverhulme Early Modern African Human Dispersals


James Blinkhorn

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Leverhulme Modern Human Dispersals

Katherine Brickell

Professor of Human Geography
Director of Geopolitics, Development, Security and Justice Research Group
Profile | +44 1784 276259

Eleanor Brown

Honorary Research Associate, Landscape & Geodiversity, Natural England

Sopheak Chann

Honorary Research Associate

Jennifer Cole

Research Fellow in Antimicrobial Resistance


Daniele Colombaroli

Lecturer in Physical Geography

Employability & Placements Lead


Caroline Cornish

Senior Research Officer (Plant Humanities project)



Bethan Davies

Senior Lecturer in Quaternary Science
MSc Quaternary Science Programme Lead

Profile | +44 1784 414682

Thomas Dekeyser

British Academy Post-Doctoral Research Fellow



Vandana Desai

Senior Lecturer in Development Geography
Equalities & Diversity Lead
Profile | +44 1784 443650

James Dixon

Honorary Research Associate, Built Heritage Consultant, Museum of London Archaeology

Mike Dolton

Senior Lecturer in Human Geography
Wellbeing Lead, MSc Sustainability & Management Programme Lead
Profile | +44 1784 443575

Veronica Della Dora

Professor in Human Geography 
Director of the Social, Cultural & Historical Geography Group(SCHG)
Profile | +44 1784 443642

Gwilym Eades

Lecturer in Human Geography

Deputy Chair Undergraduate Assessment Board
Profile | +44 1784 443657

Sasha Engelmann

Lecturer in GeoHumanities

Schools Liaison & Outreach


Reynold Fregoli

Postgraduate research

Peter French

Senior Lecturer in Geography

Fieldwork Programme Coordinator, Undergraduate Education Lead
Profile | +44 1784 443571

Clive Gamble

Honorary Research Fellow

David Gilbert

Professor of Urban and Historical Geography

Vice Principal (Quality & Standards)
Profile | +44 1784 443653

David Grimshaw

Visiting Professor in ICT4D

Philip Hatfield

Honorary Research Associate, Lead Curator for Digital Mapping, British Library

Harriet Hawkins

Professor of GeoHumanities
Co-Director of the Centre for the GeoHumanities
Profile | +44 1784 414673

Rupert Housley

Departmental Financial Administrator

01784 443656

Andy Howard

Honorary Research Associate, Landscape Research & Management

Anna Jackman

Lecturer in Political Geography

Geog-PIR Joint Honours Degree Coordinator

Profile +44 1784 276043

Sabina Lawreniuk

Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow


Claire Mayers

Technical Operations Manager

Health & Safety Coordinator

+44 1784 443808


Alice Milner

Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography

Student Representation Lead


Nithya Natarajan

Research Associate


Chandrika Nath

Honorary Research Associate

Mark Nesbitt

Research leader in economic botany

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Laura Newman

AHRC Mobile Museum Research Assistant


Cecilie Sachs Olsen

British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Roula Pappa

Honorary Research Associate, Curator of Fossil Mammals, Natural History Museum

Laurie Parsons

British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow



David Rooney

Honorary Research Associate, Keeper of Technologies and Engineering, Science Museum, London

Jane Rumble

Honorary Research Associate

Helen Scalway

Honorary Research Associate, Independent artist

Danielle Schreve

Professor of Quaternary Science
Director of the Centre for Quaternary Research (CQR)
Profile | +44 1784 443569

Pierre Schreve

Honorary Research Associate

Ola Söderström

Honorary Research Associate

Christopher Stewart

Honorary Research Associate

Chris Stringer

Visiting Professor

Don Thompson

Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography
Deputy Chair Undergraduate Assessment Board
Profile | +44 1784 443576


Rebekah Thompson

Post-Doctoral Research Assistant in Antimicrobial Resistance


Varyl Thorndycraft

Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography

Teaching Excellence Lead

Profile | +44 1784 276122

Jen Thornton

Cartographic Technician

Deputy Technical Operations Manager

01784 443568

Mark Thorpe

Honorary Research Associate, Director, Truth Consulting

Iñaki Valcarcel

Laboratory Technician

Radiation Protection Supervisor, Deputy Health & Safety Coordinator

01784 444683

Dustin White

PDRA Leverhulme Modern Human Dispersals in Africa


Evelyn Wilson

Honorary Research Associate, Founding Director, The Cultural Capital Exchange, TCCE

Ronda Zelezny-Green

Honorary Research Associate