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Work Placements/Internships

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Work Placements/Internships

The English Department draws from its network of contacts across a variety of fields to provide students with opportunities to gain valuable work experience. Unlike most universities, our placement scheme is also a training scheme, designed to help students identify and develop the skills needed to achieve future career goals.

Second year students have the opportunity to do a short-term placement in the summer vacation. The micro-placement scheme opens again in October 2018 for placements taking place in the summer of 2019.

Benefits of completing a work placement

  • The selection process gives you the tools to produce a good CV and to approach a job interview.
  • Practical experience in the industry you wish to work in.
  • Improved graduate job opportunities by differentiating yourself from other candidates.
  • You can create a network of useful contacts and potentially gain a reference from your employer.
  • Gain commercial awareness.
  • Develops your technical skills and personal skills.

Work experience

Micro-placements are sourced in a variety of industries and sectors and are typically 2-4 weeks in length. They will take place in summer vacation between June and September 2019.

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