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Work Placements/Internships

Work Placements/Internships

The English Department draws from its network of contacts across a variety of fields to provide students with opportunities to gain valuable work experience. Unlike most universities, our placement scheme is also a training scheme, designed to help students identify and develop the skills needed to achieve future career goals.

Second year students have the opportunity to do a short-term placement in the summer vacation. The micro-placement scheme opens again in October 2018 for placements taking place in the summer of 2019.

Benefits of completing a work placement

  • The selection process gives you the tools to produce a good CV and to approach a job interview.
  • Practical experience in the industry you wish to work in.
  • Improved graduate job opportunities by differentiating yourself from other candidates.
  • You can create a network of useful contacts and potentially gain a reference from your employer.
  • Gain commercial awareness.
  • Develops your technical skills and personal skills.

Work experience

Micro-placements are sourced in a variety of industries and sectors and are typically 2-4 weeks in length. They will take place in summer vacation between June and September 2019.

What is the Micro-Placements Scheme?
If you are a second year English student, the micro-placements scheme is your chance to develop professional skills and improve your career prospects after graduation.

Under this award-winning scheme, the Careers & Employability placements team offers a limited number of short summer placements across a wide range of industries to the most motivated students.

Micro-placements last between two and four weeks and take place during summer vacation. Most of the placements are located in and around London, but requests for flexibility in location may be taken into consideration. All placements are unpaid, but they are recognised on the students’ degree transcript and all travel expenses incurred during a micro-placement will be reimbursed.

The application process

In order to get a place on the scheme, you will need to go through a competitive selection process which has been designed to boost your employability and develop skills required for the job market.

Students attend workshops, get tailored feedback on their CVs and cover letters and attend a short interview. Successful applicants will be offered a placement secured by the placements team.

To find out more about the scheme, second year students have the chance to attend one of several micro-placements presentations running at the beginning of the autumn term. You can find further information here.

Student Experiences

Intern @ Walker Books
The highlights of my placement were the opportunities to show off my artistic flare, through the more creative tasks such as designing and writing press releases. I also greatly enjoyed communicating with schools and libraries, and supporting charity fundraisers by selecting and sending prizes. Also, the opportunity to sit down and ask questions about the sector by those who have worked within it, and getting to see the publishing industry from several different departments has greatly furthered my interest in the industry.

Intern @ Sheengate Publishing
I was given tasks to do, such as writing an article, and a strict deadline by which I had to have the work finished. This was very effective in helping me improve on my ability to work under pressure as it allowed me to focus and organise myself in a way that made sure I would be able to get it done – and I did. I was encouraged to pitch my own ideas for articles and give my thoughts on different aspects of their website or magazine. They would take my ideas on board and discuss them with me until we were both happy.

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