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Study literature and culture from around the world and across time periods

Opening up a world of literature and culture

Comparative Literature and Culture (CLC) gives you the opportunity to explore literature, film, philosophy and art from the twenty-first century to ancient Greece, and from Latin America to Europe.

CLC combines innovation, flexibility and academic challenge to offer you the opportunity to acquire a sophisticated, critical appreciation of literature, film and visual arts, and to develop valuable analytical and cross-cultural skills. Our CLC programmes provide the opportunity to explore world literature as well as film and the visual arts from a broad, cross-cultural perspective.

This innovative degree leads the way in opening up critical perspectives and breaking down geographic and conceptual barriers. CLC is for people who are globally aware and passionate about all kinds of culture.

You do not need to have studied, or study, a foreign language (though Single Honours and Major students can opt to take one up, or continue studying one in first and second year), but you may have already enjoyed English, History, Philosophy, History of Art, Theatre Studies, Media Studies or languages.

A wide choice of degree programmes

CLC can be taken as Single Honours or as a Joint Honours degree with History of Art and Visual Cultures, Drama, Classical Studies, English, French, German, Hispanic Studies, Italian or Philosophy, and as a Major with and Minor in International Film, History of Art and Visual Cultures or Philosophy.

A critical edge in the global marketplace

Studying Comparative Literature and Culture develops the ability to think broadly and critically beyond conventional conceptual boundaries in ways which are particularly relevant in a globalised world. CLC is designed to develop the kinds of critical, communication and leadership skills which are particularly valuable in meeting the challenges of today’s workplaces.

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