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Centre for the Reception of Greece and Rome

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Centre for the Reception of Greece and Rome

The Centre for the Reception of Greece and Rome was set up in 2007 in recognition of the continuing vitality of all aspects of classical antiquity right up to the present day. The Centre brings together interests among members of staff and postgraduate students in many departments and disciplines across Royal Holloway. The Centre’s focus is on the political, philosophical and literary bridges between the contemporary world and Mediterranean antiquity. The Centre also acts as a platform for the development of new individual, collaborative, and interdisciplinary projects

Thinking about the heritage of Greece and Roman has been constitutive of virtually every area of modern life: literature, drama, political theory, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, art, music, architecture, the military, government, gender, gay rights, post-colonialism, civil rights, medicine, engineering, entertainment, theatre, cinema and sport.

Current research in the centre has two main strands - classics in popular culture, and classics in contemporary thought. Many members of staff in the department have an interest in reception (Alston, Chomse, Gloyn, Hawley, Kahane, Kamash, Lowe, and Spentzou).  Our broader interests range from political and literary philosophy, urbanism, literary receptions, science fictions, and popular culture. 

Major current projects include:

  • The City in the City (Alston)
  • Classical monsters in popular culture (Gloyn)
  • Contemporary Political Theory and the Classical (Kahane)
  • Hellenism and Judaism in modernity (Kahane)
  • Antiquity and Photography (Kamash)
  • Classicists, psychical research and the paranormal (Lowe)
  • The modern Greek novel and the Classical tradition (Spentzou)
  • Rewritings of Eurydice (Spentzou)

The Centre has just completed an exciting seminar series, featuring Yun Lee Too, Sara Monoson, Margaret Malamud and Martin Revermann; the directors are currently planning the 2019-20 speaker programme. 

The Centre is also proud to be co-organising a Wikipedia Workshop, Rediscovering the Women of Royal Holloway and Bedford College, with the Bedford Centre and the sponsorship of Royal Holloway's RoWaN network. The workshop takes place on 6th June 2019; details of how to register are available at the link above. 

The Centre's Directors are Liz GloynEfi Spentzou and Ahuvia Kahane. The Centre hosts many of our current graduate students whose work is associated with the reception of the classical world. The Centre offers a Masters by Research in Classical Reception.



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