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New Digital Innovation Lab

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Our new Digital Innovation Lab is complete

  • Date17 September 2019

Driven by student feedback and a desire to engage more applied and experiential learning, as well as looking to how businesses use technology to facilitate innovation and business planning, we've developed a new digital innovation lab. We’ve worked closely with Ricoh, a global technology organisation, to create the £30k lab.


Digital Innovation Lab

The technology in the lab isn’t readily available in many universities, but is more likely to be found in global organisations to facilitate work on project management and ideation in the innovation process, to increase creativity. By developing this lab, students will engage with more applied problems solving, but to also use technologies used by leading companies, to help them become familiar with the future technology that they will encounter in the workplace.

The lab has flexible furniture and interactive whiteboards that enable students to collaborate more effectively, editing documents using their fingers as a stylus on the touch screen surface, video conferencing, selecting and annotating video content and sharing ideas with other groups, both in our lab and those of other universities through remote working.

For 2019/20 the digital innovation lab will be used on the following courses:

AF1408 Financial literacy and personal finance management 

MN2515 Creativity and Process Management

MN2325 Digital Marketing

MN3495 Clusters and Small Business

MN3625 Corporate Entrepreneurship

BI5621 Information Systems Design and Development

This is just one of several new initiatives, including the introduction of online business simulations in the Y2 Operations Management and Y3 Business Simulation modules, which seek to provide further experiential learning for students, where you can apply what you learn in lectures, to real-world scenarios in workshops. This fun and exciting approach to learning will enable you to prepare and sharpen skills that students will use in their future careers.

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