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Placements and industry links

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Placements and industry links

What is the Micro-Placements Scheme?

When you are a second year BioSciences student, the micro-placements scheme is your chance to develop professional skills and improve your career prospects after graduation.

Under this award-winning scheme, the Careers & Employability placements team offers a limited number of short summer placements across a wide range of industries to the most motivated students.

Micro-placements last between two and four weeks and take place during summer vacation. Most of the placements are located in and around London, but requests for flexibility in location may be taken into consideration. All placements are unpaid, but they are recognised on the students’ degree transcript and all travel expenses incurred during a micro-placement will be reimbursed.

The application process

In order to get a place on the scheme, you will need to go through a competitive selection process which has been designed to boost your employability and develop skills required for the job market.

Students attend workshops, get tailored feedback on their CVs and cover letters and attend a short interview. Successful applicants will be offered a placement secured by the placements team.

What our students say

Placement Student @ UCB

One of the highlights of the placement were being able to observe and carry out experiments using equipment far superior to anything that I had used before. Also, I feel that the placement vastly furthered my knowledge of immunology, as well as giving me a fantastic insight into the day to day life working in a laboratory.

Placement Student @ Gatwick Greenspace

The highlights for me were endless - from helping run an Ecology Day with six schools from the local area to finding a bat on our bat box checks. (…) After what I have learnt on my placement, I can happily say that I am so much more confident in my field. Not only have I learnt more about ecological surveying techniques, like using bat boxes and using dormouse traps, but I am now far clearer about how to get into Ecology as a career.

Placement Student @ Royal Surrey County Hospital

Highlights of the placement were getting to observe the doctors and patients interact with each other. In addition to this, getting to see procedures such as rectal and prostate brachytherapy was both interesting and exciting! All of the consultants were extremely friendly and also were very happy to teach me both about the science and the patient care side of things.

Year Abroad

Students are also invited to search independently at any time and compatible with their studies, and in this case, we can offer support during the application, revising it or advising on it.

If you would like to spend a year abroad, we have strong links with universities in the USA, Australia and Canada.

Opportunities, connections and work experience

We help you with your future career from day one. Our teaching model is designed to help students to:

  • develop student’s awareness of the job market
  • acquire strong practical and interrelation skills
  • build links with future employers
  • This is achieved via numerous activates like career fairs, seminars, workshops, research projects, course linked laboratories and presentations, industrial placements, guest lecturers from industry and NHS.

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