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Term 2 Department Seminars

  • Date 22 Jan - 18 Mar 2020
  • Time 1-2pm
  • Category Seminar

Schedule of dates

This term our Department Seminars will be held in Horton Lecture Theatre 1, all staff and students are invited. This is a great way to learn about research going on at other universities and research institutions, and to meet and network with other scientists.

22 January 2020 - Professor Jane Langdale, University of Oxford: 'Understanding the genetic regulation of leaf anatomy in maize with a view to engineering C4 rice' hosted by Dr Enrique Lopez

5 February 2020 - Dr Peter Graystock, Imperial College: 'Bee microbiomes - how to cope when the sweet life turns toxic' hosted by Professor Mark Brown

12 February 2020 - Professor Moussa Benhamed, University of Paris-Saclay: 'Impact of 3D chromatin dynamics on gene expression in plants' hosted by Professor Laszlo Bogre

19 February 2020 - Dr Selina Brace, Natural History Museum: 'Recovering DNA from museum specimens: the peopling of the British Isles' hosted by Professor Elli Leadbeater

26 February 2020 - Professor Zoe Davies, University of Kent: details TBC, hosted by Dr Sarah Papworth

18 March 2020 - Dr Alexander Georgiev, University of Bangor: details TBC, hosted by Dr Sarah Papworth

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