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Staff Directory

For contacting staff from outside the college:
Directly by phone
Prefix the extension with: (01784) 44 - for extensions starting with 3.
Prefix the extension with: (01784) 41 - for extensions starting with 4.
Prefix the extension with: (01784) 27 - for extensions starting with 6.


Name Job title Extn   Room
Dr Anat Bardi Reader 3524 W228
Dr Joshua Balsters Lecturer 4406
Dr Victoria Bourne Senior Lecturer 4019 W251
Dr Rebecca Brewer Lecturer 4082 W213
Dr Gary Brown Senior Lecturer (Clin. Doctorate   Programme) 4330 JB1-15
Dr Eilidh Cage Teaching Fellow 3707 W127
Dr Elisa Carrus Postdoctoral Teaching Associate 3913 W140
Dr Marco Cinnirella Senior Lecturer in Psychology 3531 W231
Dr Polly Dalton Senior Lecturer in Cognitive   Psychology 3516 W248
Dr Szonya Durant Senior Lecturer 6522 W245
Dr Charles Efferson Lecturer
Dr Lyn Ellett Senior Lecturer (Clin. Doctorate   Programme) 4049 JB1-13
Dr Michael Evangeli Senior Lecturer (Clin. Doctorate   Programme) 6339 JB1-01
Dr Lorna Farquharson Visiting Clinical Consultant 4105 JB1 - 13
Dr Elisa Ferre Lecturer 3530 W343/4
Dr Simone Fox Senior Lecturer (Clin.Doctorate   Programme) 3600 JB1-14
Dr Nicholas (Nick) Furl Lecturer 4390 343/3
Dr Scott Glover Senior Lecturer 3719 W112
Dr Jo Hale Research & Development Coordinator 4029 W129
Dr Stephen Hammett Senior Lecturer 3702 W117
Dr Robert (Rob) Hughes Senior Lecturer 3280 W247
Dr Alana James Lecturer - Teaching Focused 4055 W239
Dr Jessica (Jess) Kingston Lecturer (Clin. Doctorate   Programme) 4105 JB1-02
Professor Dawn  Langdon   Professor of Neuropsychology   (Clin. Doctorate Programme) 3956 JB1-04
Dr Jonas Larsson Senior Lecturer 4061 W115
Dr Gary Lewis Senior Lecturer 6139 W343/1
Dr Angelika Lingnau Reader in Human Neuroscience 3717 W237
Dr Olga Luzon Lecturer (Clin. Doctorate   Programme) 3712 JB1-19
Professor Andy MacLeod Professor of Clinical Psychology   (Director Clin. Doctorate Programme) 3522 JB1-17
Dr Carolyn McGettigan Reader 3529 W111
Dr Ryan McKay Reader 4993 W235
Professor Amina Memon Professor of Psychology 6563 W232
Ms Ines Mendes Teaching Fellow
Dr Laura Mickes Reader 3711 W224
Mr James Munro Teaching Associate 3713 W140
Dr Nuno Nodin Postdoctoral Teaching Associate W140
Dr Tamsin Owen Lecturer (Clin. Doctorate   Programme) 6533 JB1-06
Professor Tamar Pincus Professor of Health Psychology 3523 W222
Dr Helen Pote Senior Lecturer (Clin. Doctorate   Programme) 4236 JB1-03
Professor Narender Ramnani Professor of Neuroscience 3519 W226
Professor Kathy Rastle Head of Department 3716 W216
Dr Afsane Riazi Senior Lecturer in Health   Psychology 3601 W343/2
Dr Jessie Ricketts Senior Lecturer 4623 W220
Dr Catherine Sebastian Senior Lecturer 6599 W113
Dr Danijela Serbic Teaching Fellow 3707 W127
Dr Jeanne Shinskey Senior Lecturer 3520 W250
Professor Andy Smith Research Chair of Psychology 4368 B107
Dr Jacqueline Stephen Teaching Fellow 3913 W140
Dr Jakke Tamminen Lecturer 4152 W217
Dr Kate Theodore  Lecturer (Clin.Doctorate   Programme) 4303 JB1-18
Professor Manos Tsakiris Professor of Neuropsychology 6266 W116
Dr Petra Vetter Lecturer in Psychology W117a
Dr Jane Vosper Lecturer (Clin. Doctorate   Programme) 6532 B1-07
Professor Robin Walker Professor of Cognitive   Neuroscience 3518 W244
Professor John Wann Professor of Psychology 6177 BL212
Dr Dawn Watling Senior Lecturer 3706 W218
Dr Hanna Zagefka Reader in Social Psychology 3715 W114
Professor Johannes Zanker Professor of Neuroscience 3521 W246


Name Job title Extn   Room
Dr Vivien Ainley Honorary Research Associate 6551 W344
Tibor Auer MRI Research Fellow W129
Dr Ruben Azevedo Honorary Research Associate 6551 W344
Ms Fiona Caldwell Research Assistant
Mr Daniel Carey Research Assistant 6627 W342/5
Dr Soazig Casteau Honorary Research Associate
Dr Maria-Laura Filippetti Postdoctoral Research Fellow 6551 W344
Dr Michele Furlan EU Research Fellow 6627 W342/5
Dr Debbie Gooch Postdoctoral Research Fellow 3704 W223
 Lilla Hodossy Research Assisstant 6551 W344
Dr Maria Ktori Postdoctoral Research Assistant 4635 W214
Ms Clare Lally Research Assistant 4635 W214
Dr Lara Maister Postdoctoral Research Fellow 6551 W344
Ms Harriet Maydew Graduate Research Assistant
Dr Mark Mikkelsen Post-Doctoral Research Scientist 6548 W236
Dr Betty Mousikou British Academy Postdoctoral   Fellow 4635 W214
Dr Sandra Murphy Postdoctoral Research Associate 6548 W236
Dr Francesca Pizzorni Ferrarese Postdoctoral Research Fellow 6627 W342/5
Ms Katrin Probyn Research Assistant
Ms Claire Sears Graduate Research Assistant
 Teresa Tang Research Assistant 6627 W342/5
Dr Joanne (Jo) Taylor Postdoctoral Research Fellow 4635 W214
Ms Lucy Taylor Research Assistant 6548 W236
Dr Raffaele   Tucciarelli Postdoctoral Research Assisstant 6548 W236
Dr Stacy Wetmore Postdoctoral Research Assistant 6548 W236


Name Job title Extn   Room
Professor Bernice Andrews Emeritus Professor of Abnormal   Psychology 3526
Professor Mike Berger Emeritus Professor of Clinical   Psychology 3526
Professor Michael Eysenck Emeritus Professor of Psychology 3526
Professor Elaine Funnell Emeritus Professor of   Neuropsychology 3526
Professor Kate Loewenthal Emeritus Professor of Psychology 3526
Professor Elizabeth Valentine Emeritus Professor of Psychology 3526
Dr John Wilding Emeritus Reader of Psychology 3526


Name Job title Extn   Room
Ms Saz Ahmed PhD Student                 3703                 W342/2           
Mr Craig Arnold PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Ms Jessica Barber PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Ms Hannah Bowers PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Ms Emily Boxell PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Ms Kathrin Braeuninger-Weimer     PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Ms Hannah Connolly PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Ms Jess Darby PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Ms Nicola Dawson PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Ms Zsuzsanna Dobrontei PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Mr Sam Fairlamb PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Ms Maria Gallagher PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Ms Lilla Hodossy PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Mr Stuart Hyde PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Mr Adam Jowett PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Mr Samuel Kinshuck PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Ms Siugmin Lay   Martinez PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Ms Rachael Lickley PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Ms Jennifer Mills PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Mr David Morgan PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Ms Rachel Nesbit PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Ms Katherine O'Lone PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Ms Sophie Payne PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Ms Franziska Pfannerstill PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Ms Jessica Rea PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Ms Gurpreet Reen PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Ms Hanna Rooslien PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Mr Travis Seale-Carlisle PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Mr Metodi Siromahov PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Ms  Amanda Sjoblom PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Ms Sonja Soeterik PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Mr Ben Tappin PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Ms Jasmine Virhia PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Ms Katie Whiteside PhD Student 3703 W342/2
Ms Charlotte Wray PhD Student 3703 W342/2


Name Job title Extn   Room
Mrs   Samantha (Sam)
Finance Adminstrator 3599 W118
Mrs Sharon   Clutterbuck Faculty Administrator PG 3528 W118
Ms Victoria (Vicky)   Gilyatt Faculty Administrator 6293 W118
Mrs Vanessa Law Department Manager 3598 W118a
Mrs Annette Lock Clinical Doc Secretary 4388 JB1-05
Ms Jennifer Lutley Faculty Administrator UG 3526 W118
Mrs Stephanie Mundy Clinical Doc Secretary 4636 JB1-05
Mrs Michelle Watson Clinical Doc Secretary 4388 JB1-05
Ms Susan Waud                               Clinical Doc Administrator 3851 JB1-05


Name Job title Extn   Room
Mr Can Keles IT Support Officer 3527 W119
Mr Ari Lingeswaran MRI Technician 4429 B108
Mr Abu Obaidah                 IT Manager 3700 W119


Name Owner Extn   Room
Baby Lab Jeanne Shinskey 6135 W136
Clinical   Postgraduate Room 1st & 2nd years 4012 JB1-11
Emeritus   / Hot Desk Room Emeritus Staff and Visitors 3526
MRI Unit 4429 B108
Neuropsychology   Lab 3704 W219
Research   Lab Johannes Zanker 3719 W342/3
Research   Lab John Wann 6175 B209
Research   Lab John Wann 6176 B211
Research   Lab MRI 4368/3705 B107
Wolfson   Reception Desk                        6323 W118



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