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Perception, Action and Decision Making Research Group

Research in the Perception, Action and Decision Making (PAD) Group is focused on the study of sensation, perception, cognition and motor behaviour using psychophysical and neuroscientific methods including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). We are:

Dr Szonya Durant

My research is in human visual perception - how we piece together the spatial arrangement of what we see through eye movements and filtering and how we detect changes across space and time as we and others move. I use methods such as computational modelling, psychophysics, eye tracking, fMRI and EEG.


Dr Elisa Ferre

My research focuses on vestibular-multisensory interactions in perception and awareness (self-motion, embodiment and gravity).


Dr Scott Glover

I study how actions are represented in the brain and their performance, as well as music psychology and issues around statistical analyses.


Dr Jonas Larsson

Current research topics include mechanisms of neuronal adaptation, human visual cortical organization, the role of GABA in visual processing, and  the effect of expectation on neuronal processing.


Dr Angelika Lingnau

I use MVPA and RSA of fMRI and MEG data to investigate how actions that we observe, plan, or execute, are represented in the human brain.


Professor Narender Ramnani

My work uses functional neuroimaging methods to investigate the mechanisms in the human brain that underly higher cognition, learning and the control of action. Current projects focus on contributions of the frontal lobes and the cerebellum.


Dr Petra Vetter

I'm interested in top-down influences to early vision, particularly from audition, emotion, cognition and other sensory modalities.


Professor Robin Walker

My research investigates how the brain transforms a sensory input into a co-ordinated motor output. It centres on the human eye-movement system and involves behavioural studies of saccadic eye movements in normal human subjects and in people with macular degeneration.


Professor Johannes Zanker

I trained as biologist with a focus on cybernetics, held various positions in Germany, Italy, Australia, and the United Kingdom, since 2000 at RHUL - my research covers topics in perceptual, behavioural, and computational aspects of vision, including computational and experimental aesthetics.





Contact Us

The convenor for the PAD research group, Dr Petra Vetter, is happy to receive enquiries about the group's research activities and other news.


Dr Petra Vetter

Telephone: 01784 276152


Work with Us

If you're interested in coming to work with us, please see information about fellowship opportunities.


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