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Learning, Memory and Attention research group

The Language, Memory and Attention (LMA) research group comprises researchers dedicated to understanding various aspects of cognition. We are:

Professor Polly Dalton

We study a range of topics including attentional capture, the relationship between attention and awareness, and the way that attention acts within and between vision, hearing and touch. We also investigate attentional allocation during real life tasks, such as driving cars or piloting aircraft.


Dr Rob Hughes

We research the contribution of general-purpose perceptual and motor processes to phenomena more typically explained in terms of bespoke cognitive structures, particularly serial short-term memory and learning.


Dr Shiri Lev-Ari

The Social Networks Lab explores how our social environment, and in particular the properties of our social networks (e.g., their size, heterogeneity), influence our linguistic skills across all linguistic levels.


Dr Laura Mickes

I am interested in the theoretical understanding and advancement of memory (e.g. signal detection and dual process theories of recognition memory), and applied aspects of memory (e.g. investigating and improving eyewitness identifications). 


Professor Kathy Rastle

My lab studies the mental and neural processes that underpin language and reading.


Dr Jessie Ricketts

At the Language and Reading Acquisition (LARA) lab, we are interested in oral language and literacy development in childhood and adolescence.                                                


Dr Jeanne Shinskey

The Baby Lab studies cognitive development in infancy and early childhood, with a particular focus on mental representations of objects, and on learning from symbolic media such as picture books and apps.                                                                                             


Dr Jakke Tamminen

The Sleep, Learning, and Memory Lab conducts research into the relationship between sleep, memory, and learning, with a focus on language learning and processing.                                                                                                                                                                                                 



LMA research staff


Ms Benedetta Cevoli    

My research interests lie in the field of Cognitive Psychology with a particular focus on learning and language processing. Specifically, the role of sleep in the consolidation of newly acquired linguistic information.           


Dr Hannah Harvey

I am interested in the cognitive processes involved in memory and language.                


Dr Sandra Murphy

My research focuses on the mechanisms of selective attention and how they operate within and between sensory modalities, and the relationship between attention and awareness.     


Dr Travis Seale-Carlisle

I research human memory, including its applications such as eyewitness memory.                                                                                                                                                                  


Dr Ana Ulicheva

I investigate basic processes and representations involved in reading and spelling, especially those related to orthographic, phonological, and morphological aspects of language.


Dr Lydia Vinals   

My research interests centre on the role of sleep and memory consolidation in supporting the learning and generalisation of new linguistic knowledge. I use multi-day behavioural training paradigms, polysomnography, and fMRI.



LMA PhD students


Mr Craig Arnold

My primary interest is how hierarchical representations are formed and maintained in visual short term memory.


Ms Nicola Dawson

My research explores the role of morphological knowledge in word recognition and vocabulary acquisition across development.      


Mr Stuart Hyde

My research examines the effects of vehicle automation on visual attention and situation awareness in drivers of different ages, using both applied and cognitive psychology methodologies.


Mr Adam Jovett

I am using a behavioural and neuroscientific approach to discover how learning to read shapes the neural representation of spoken and written language.


Mr David Morgan

I research the impact of sleep and memory consolidation on the accuracy of eyewitness memory and in the formation of false memories.


Ms Amanda Sjöblom

My research is focused on learning, particularly on the roles of perceptual organisation and motor planning, in verbal sequence learning.



Ms Jasmine Virhia

My research investigates the neural underpinnings and brain areas involved in Verbal Serial Short-Term Memory.






Contact us

The convenor for the LMA research group, Dr Shiri Lev-Ari, is happy to receive enquiries about the group's research activities and other news.


Dr Shiri Lev-Ari

Telephone: 01784 276547

Work with us

If you're interested in coming to work with us, please see information about fellowship opportunities.


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