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BaB Seminar, Andrea Benucci, UCL

02/12/2011 (15:00-16:00)
Jonas Larsson

Brain and Behaviour Seminar

Dynamics of population responses in the visual cortex


Andrea Benucci

University College London



Vision is a key sensory modality in many animal species, yet the neural

mechanisms underlying visual perception are still poorly understood.

To study how attributes of visual stimuli are processed by cortical

networks we record responses from large ensembles of neurons while

changing the visual input. Recordings are done during both spontaneous

and visually induced activity in anaesthetized cats. The tools we use

are based on multi-electrode recordings, voltage-sensitive dye

imaging, and imaging of intrinsic signals. This approach has proved

particularly successful in describing population responses in terms of

standing and propagating waves of activity, providing intriguing

insights on what could be the rules of sensory processing in the

visual cortex.





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