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BAB Seminar, Isabelle Mareschel, Queen Mary University of London

22/11/2013 (15:00-16:00)

Isabelle Mareschel, Queen Mary University of London

Characteristics of gaze processing in adults


How we process another person’s direction of gaze is an important component of non-verbal communication and brings together elements of social and clinical psychology. Here I will

discuss the use of  conventional psychophysical techniques to  elucidate the  mechanisms underlying gaze processing in human adult observers. In a first set of experiments, we used an

adaptation protocol to show that gaze isn’t coded by cardinal (left/right and up/down) mechanisms only. Following that, we used a discrimination paradigm with different

levels of uncertainty to demonstrate that normal adult observers have a prior expectation that another’s gaze is directed towards them. In a final set of experiments I will discuss

categorization procedures to examine how social factors may influence the range of gaze deviations that an observer judges to be directed at them (the cone of direct gaze).


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