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BaB Seminar, Dr Antonia Hamilton, University of Nottingham

01/02/2013 (15:00)

Dr Antonia Hamilton, University of Nottingham

Beyond mirror neurons: brain systems for social responding

Research on comprehension of other people's actions has beendominated by the claim that a human mirror neuron system provides the basis formany nonverbal social behaviours. Here I go beyond mirror neurons to considersocial interaction in a much broader context. By studying responsiveness tosocial cues in realistic contexts, we are able to understand how basic mirrorneuron systems interact with other components of the social brain. In thistalk, I will present a series of studies which examine (1) how and why peoplecopy each other (2) what brain systems matter for social interaction and (3)which of these are abnormal in autism. These studies point towards a model inwhich social cues control and modulate the responses produced by a more basicvisuo-motor stream.



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