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BA/BSc Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE)

EC1101: Principles of Economics
EC1102: Quantitative Methods in Economics
PR1400: Introduction to Politics and Government
PY1001: Fundamental Questions in Philosophy

Choose AT LEAST ONE, but NO MORE THAN TWO units from each discipline. Students MUST take PY2001 and PY2002 as part of their Philosophy choices.

EC2201: Microeconomics
EC2202: Macroeconomics


ES2001: European Integration Since 1945
PR2420: Comparative European Politics and Institutions
PR2480 Democracy in Britain
PR2490 Contemporary Political Theory
PR2510 The Politics of Migration and Ethnicity
PR2560 Modern Political Thought


PY2001 Introduction to European Philosophy 1: From Kant to Hegel (½ unit)
PY2002 Mind and World (½ unit)
PY2003 Introduction to European Philosophy 2: The Critique of Idealism (½ unit)
PY2004 Varieties of Scepticism (½ unit)
PY2005 Philosophy and the Arts (½ unit)
CL2652 The Philosophy of Aristotle
CL2653 The Dialogues of Plato

PPE3000: Advanced Seminar and Dissertation in Politics, Philosophy and Economics

Choose THREE further units of Politics, Philosophy and/or Economics. Students must take courses from at least TWO subjects.



Students must have passed EC2201 and EC2202 to be eligible for third year courses. If only one unit of Economics was chosen in year 2, students may only take the other second year course.

Please go to the Economics Department website for further information


ES3001: Issues in Contemporary Europe
PR3150: Political Sociology (½ unit)
PR3520: The Politics of the Internet and the Information Society (½ unit)
PR3530: The Politics of Modern Germany
PR3540: Radical Political Theory
PR3560: The Politics of Toleration (½ unit)
PR3570: Social Justice: From Theory to Practice (½ unit)
PR3610: Comparative Democracy and Elections
PR3630: Issues in Democratic Theory
PR3680: Young People’s Politics
PR3710: Advanced Seminar in British Politics
PR3720: Advanced Seminar in British Politics I (½ unit)
PR3730: Advanced Seminar in British Politics II (½ unit)


PY3002 Modern European Philosophy 1: From Husserl to Heidegger (½ unit)
PY3003 Modern European Philosophy 2: Poststructuralism and its Critics (½ unit)
PY3004 Recovering Reality (½ unit)
PY3005 The Self and Others (½ unit)
CL3661 Stoics, Epicureans and Sceptics


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