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Politics academic adds to Norwegian killer debate

Posted on 24/04/2012
LA Times

Should Anders Behring Breivik be censored during his trial or should chilling declarations about why and how he killed scores of people make headlines around the world?

That is the debate that many columnists, media analysts and academics are having as the trial of the Norwegian killer grabs headlines around the world.

Professor Ben O'Loughlin, from the Department of Politics and International Relations, explains to the LA Times how very little is known about how people become radicalized, let alone how the media play into that.

“Censoring his words could easily backfire,” he said. “If you tell people these views are too extreme for us to show you, people immediately go on to the Internet to look for them.”

Professor O’Loughlin’s expertise is in the field of international political communication. Through a number of projects, books and articles he has explored how politics and security are changing in the new media ecology.

To read the full article in the LA Times visit the newspaper website.


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