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Taking CoCl2-graphene layers to the nano limit

There has been a resurgence of interest inCoCl2graphenecarbon physics following the discovery by Geim and co-workers that graphene can be easily fabricated and isolated leading to an explosion of both experimental and theoretical papers describing graphene's remarkable 2D properties.

As well as preparing single layer graphene, the Manchester group showed that flakes of NbSe2 and MoS2 can also be prepared by mechanical exfoliation; which leads to the interesting question of whether it is possible to use similar peeling techniques to isolate one unit cell of a graphene intercalated compound; for example the C-CoCl2-C structure. This new compound should exhibit interesting magnetic behaviour, with bound spin vortices expected in the temperature range 6 K < T < 10 K, but also there is the possibility of processing devices where there are two conducting 2D graphene layers separated from each other by a 1 nm insulating barrier. In this case the barrier will contain localised magnetic spins that will be ferromagnetically aligned at liquid helium temperatures.

The project

We will apply modern x-ray scattering techniques to investigate the structure and magnetism of a stage-1CoCl2-GIC. The ultimate aim of this project is to isolate, characterise, and investigate a nanometer thick sample consisting of CoCl2 in a bilayer graphene sandwich; such a sample will have unique 2D structural, magnetic, and electronic properties.

For further information contact Dr. James Nicholls


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