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The UK Centre for Superconducting and Hybrid Quantum Systems, UK-CSQS, is a virtual centre comprising links between founder members Royal Holloway, the National Physical Laboratory and Lancaster University.

Multi-qubit_sample at royal hollowayThe overall research focus of the UK-CSQS is the development of quantum technology through the application of fundamental phenomena based on superconductivity, such as the Josephson effects, coherent quantum phase slip (the dual of the Josephson effect), flux and charge quantisation, quantum coherent behaviour, the principle of superposition, non-linear and non-dissipative phenomena, quantum entanglement and the interaction of devices with the quantised electromagnetic field, both as a probe and as an environment.

The UK-CSQS  provides the founder members with shared access to nano-fabrication facilities, specialist cryogenic facilities, an advanced understanding of condensed matter quantum technologies and shared expertise. We also seek advances in the related fields of materials discovery and exploitation, low temperature technology, microwave technology and advanced nano-fabrication.

Potential applications lie in the fields of quantum metrology (seeking to re-define the Ampere and to close the ‘metrological triangle’), the construction of quantum computing devices and quantum simulators, the exploitation of artificial atoms, microwave quantum optics, quantum meta-materials, quantum limited amplification and novel sensors operating beyond the standard quantum limit. The integration of these devices with other quantum systems such as nano-electromechanical systems, embedded ions, magnetic materials, normal metals, semiconductor and low-dimensional materials and other forms of quantum system is the basis of Hybrid Devices.

The three groups each have outstanding global reputations for their research.

The funding announcement for the UK-CSQS is here

There are PhD opportunities available, please contact Dr Meeson, or see  more details

Or contact Oleg Astafiev on opportunities on these research projects





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