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Extreme-conditions development

Currently, we can perform transport, thermodynamic, and neutron scattering measurements in high magnetic fields and under high pressure. Our development effort concentrates on extending the possibilities for quantitative measurements under high pressure. This includes the extension of the pressure range for hydrostatic electrical-transport measurements in diamond-anvil cells to several hundred kbar as well as developing neutron scattering techniques under high pressure.


Recently, we employed the Larmor-diffraction technique (at neutron source FRMII, instrument TRISP of Max-Planck Institute for Solid State Research) for high-precision measurements of lattice constants under high pressure.[1] We also attempt to use elliptic neutron guides (figure), which focus broad neutron beams on the tiny sample space available in high-pressure cells.[2]

collaboration: P. Boeni, Ch. Pfleiderer (TU Munich), Th. Keller (FRMII and Max-Planck Institute for Solid State Research)

[1] PG Niklowitz, C Pfleiderer, S Mühlbauer, P Böni, T Keller, P Link, JA Wilson, M Vojta, JA Mydosh, ”New angles on the border of antiferromagnetism in NiS2 and URu2Si2”, Proceedings of SCES '08, Buzios (Brazil), Physica B 404 (2009) 2955

[2] S Muehlbauer, PG Niklowitz, M Stadlbauer, R Georgii, P Link, J Stahn, P Boeni, “Elliptic neutron guides – focusing on tiny samples”, Nucl.Instr.&Meth.Phys.Res.A 586 (2008) 77


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