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Particle Physics Seminars 2011-12

Wednesday   02 May 2012
Dr Francesco Spano (RHUL), Top Quark Physics with the ATLAS Detector at the LHC (Slides)

Wednesday   09 May 2012
Dr Elena Accomando (Southampton), W'and Z' Searches at the LHC (Slides)

Wednesday   16 May 2012
Dr Simon Peeters (Sussex), The SNO+ Experiment (Slides)

Wednesday   23 May 2012
Dr Joseph Walding (RHUL), New MINOS Anti-Neutrino Oscillation Result (Slides)

Wednesday   30 May 2012
Dr Tina Potter (Sussex), Multilepton SUSY Searches at ATLAS (2pm!) (Slides)

Wednesday   06 June 2012
Dr John Marshall (Cambridge), Particle Flow Calorimetry and the Pandora Algorithm (Slides)

Thursday   12 January 2012   (2pm, B6-02)
Dr Andrei Lunin (Fermilab), Comprehensive RF Design of the Cavity BPM

Wednesday   01 February 2012
Dr Henrique Araujo (Imperial), Direct Dark Matter Searches with ZEPLIN-III and Beyond

Tuesday   14 February 2012
Dr Garry Trahern (ESS), European Spallation Source

Wednesday   7 March 2012   (4.30pm, W264)
Dr Nikolai Schwerg (CERN), Measurements and Analyses on High Power RF Distribution Systems

Wednesday   21 March 2012
Prof Mark Lancaster (UCL), The Muon: a Probe for New Physics

Wednesday   28 March 2012
Particle Physics Masterclass

Wednesday 28th September 
Professor John Ellis (Kings College, London), "Supersymmetry in light of 1/fb of LHC data"

Wednesday 12th October

Dr Morgan Wascko (Imperial), "Searching for Sterile Neutrinos with SciBooNE and MiniBooNE"

Wednesday 19th October

Dr Jocelyn Monroe (RHUL), "Direct Detection: Has Dark Matter Been Discovered Yet"

Wednesday 26th October

Dr Mitesh Patel (ICL), "LHCb"

Wednesday 2nd November

Dr Ryan Terri (QMUL),  "Atmospheric Neutrino Oscillations & Super-Kamiokande"

Wednesday 16th November

Dr Pat Ward (Cambridge), "ATLAS SM Electroweak results"

Wednesday 7th December

Dr Chris Densham (RAL), "T2K Target"



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