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Particle Physics Seminars 2008-2009

Wednesday 24 September
ATLAS Summer Student Talk - Tony Poll (Southampton) - "Modelling Extra Dimensions with CalcHEP"

Wednesday 1 October
Dr Simon Jolly (Imperial) - "High Power Proton Accelerator Development at the Front End Test Stand"

Wednesday 22 October
Professor Ken Peach (Director, John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science University of Oxford and Royal Holloway University of London) - "A new accelerator for advanced research and cancer therapy"

Wednesday 29 October
Professor Terry Sloan (Lancaster) - "Cosmic Rays and Global Warming"

Wednesday 12 November
Dr Jim Hinton (Leeds) - "HESS, GLAST and CTA: new windows on the extreme universe"

Friday 14 November
Dr Antonella De-Santo (RHUL) - "The 'Big Bang Experiment' "
NB: Place: WIN0-03, Time: 2:00pm

Wednesday 19 November
Dr Cigdem Issever (Oxford) - "Black Holes"

Thursday 20 November
Dr Kerim Suruliz (Universita dei Studi di Udine) - "Top quark pair cross-section measurement at ATLAS"
Note: Special Day and Time: Thu, 11am

Wednesday 26 November
Dr Adrian Bevan (QMUL) - "Experimental verification of Kobayashi and Maskawa three generation quark mixing model"
(in light of the recent *Nobel Prize* being awarded to Kobayashi and Maskawa for their part of the CKM matrix)

Wednesday 14 January
Professor Biagio Lucini (Swansea) - "Beyond the Standard Model calculations using lattice technique"

Friday 16 January
Dr Ricardo Goncalo (RHUL) - "ATLAS Trigger"
NB: Time: 2:30pm

Wednesday 28 January ** POSTPONED!
Dr Gary Barker (Warwick) - "T2K"

Thursday 12 February
Dr Jonas Rademacker (Bristol) - "Cross-generation Flavour Physics - The measurement of gamma and how CLEO helps"

Thursday 5 March
Dr Alex Tapper (Imperial) - "CMS Trigger"

Wednesday 11 March
Prof B.S. Sathyaprakash (Cardiff) - "LIGO"

Wednesday 18 March
Dr Todd Huffman (Oxford) - "SuperLHC"

Thursday 26 March
Professor Themis Bowcock (Liverpool) ALERT! NB: Time and Place! - "LHCb - VELO detector"
NB: Place: BLT2, Time: 4:00pm

Wednesday 6th May
Professor Hans Kraus (Oxford) - "EURECA - the European Cryogenic Dark Matter Search"

Wednesday 13th May
Dr Chris Hays (Oxford) - "In Pursuit of the Next Discovery: A New Neutral Resonance"
NB: Place: HLT1

Wednesday 20th May
Dr Valeria Bartsch (University College London) - "CALICE- building a calorimeter with great energy resolution"
NB: Place: HLT1

Wednesday 27th May
Dr Henning Flaecher (CERN) - "SUSY Searches at CMS"
NB: Place: HLT1

Wednesday 3rd June
Dr Elisabeth Falk (Sussex) - "Neutrino Physics: MINOS, Double Chooz /SNO+"
NB: Place: HLT1

Thursday 11th June
Dr Sinead Farrington (Oxford)
NB: Place: HLT1, Time: 3:30pm

Thursday 17th June
Prof Hugue Beauchemin (Oxford)
NB: Place: IN243 (International Common Room), Time: 3:30pm

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