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ML3204: The Gothic Mode in Spanish and English Literature

ML3204: The Gothic Mode in Spanish and English Literature

Teaching Terms: 1 & 2

Convenor: Abigail Lee Six

Assessment: essay (30%), examination (70%)

Overview: Following a general introduction to the Gothic mode, the course will be divided into two halves. The first half will focus on vampire fiction and related themes. The second half will be devoted to the cluster of ideas around imprisonment and madness. There will be a formal lecturing element, but most of the teaching and learning will be discussion-based and interactive.

Key bibliography:

Bram Stoker, Dracula (any unabridged edition)

Sheridan Le Fanu, 'Carmilla', available individually, but originally part of the collection called In a Glass Darkly.

Emilia Pardo Bazán, ‘Vampiro’ [Vampire], in Cuentos del terruño, available online in Spanish at http://www.biblioteca.org.ar/libros/200038.pdf. Translation (by me) will be provided.

Ramón del Valle-Inclán, ‘Beatriz’ available online in Spanish at http://bibliotecasvirtuales.com/biblioteca/LiteraturaEspanola/ValleInclan/BeatrizSatanas.asp orhttp://www.biblioteca.org.ar/libros/130297.pdf Available in parallel text, Spanish and English in Short Stories by the Generation of 1898, ed. and trans. by Stanley Appelbaum (Dover: 2004) 

Selected modern English vampire stories from the anthology By Blood We Live, ed. by John Joseph Adams  (this appears on Amazon.co.uk incorrectly as by Stephen King).  

Miguel Puente Molins, ‘Caries’ [Tooth Decay] and David Jasso, ‘Víctimas inocentes’ [Innocent Victims], two modern Spanish vampire stories from the anthology La sangre es vida, ed. Colectivo Nocte (N.P.: Mandrágora, 2010), with a picture of a female vampire upside down on the front cover (translations by me will be provided). 

Charles Perrault, 'La Barbe bleue' / 'Bluebeard' (any unabridged edition – beware of retellings for children with the gory parts censored out)

Charlotte Perkins Gilman, 'The Yellow Wall-paper' 

Patrick Hamilton, Gaslight (the play)

Miguel de Unamuno, 'Nada menos que todo un hombre' / 'Nothing Less than a Real Man'. The Spanish text appears in Tres novelas ejemplares y un prólogo (many editions available, all acceptable). It is also available online, at https://archive.org/stream/nadamenosquetodo00unamuoft#page/n3/mode/2up. The translation appears in a parallel text edition called Three Exemplary Novels. Be careful: there are exemplary novels by Miguel de Cervantes too, which you do not want.

Alfonso Sastre, 'Quemado' / 'Blown', in Spanish in Las noches lúgubres (Hondarribia, Guipúzcoa: Argitaletxe Hiru, 1998), pp. 285-87. Translation (by me) will be provided.



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