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FR1105 The Visual Image in French Culture and Society

Terms 1- 2

Convenors: Dr Ruth Hemus (Term 1) / Prof Eric Robertson (Term 2)


Formative commentary in Term 1 (0%)
Essay (1,200-1,500 words) (30%)
Moodle Test (10%)
Exam (60%)


The visual image has always played an important role in society, as a source of enjoyment and pleasure, and also as a means of communicating values, celebrating beauty, shaping thought and challenging assumptions. This course aims to develop understanding of the ways the visual image functions and the concepts and techniques needed to analyse it.

The course explores the following areas of study:

Image and Resemblance: the mimetic tradition; verisimilitude and visual representation; descriptive and expressive functions of the visual image; techniques of analysing visual images

Depth, Perspective, Time and Space: the tradition of one-point perspective; theories of representation; composition, distance and scale; angles of vision; the role of photography

Point of View: the role of the spectator; representation and ideology; art and politics; gendered representations

Semiology of the Visual Image: theories of Semiotics; denotation and connotation; approaches to decoding visual and linguistic messages; fixed and moving images.

Key Bibliography:

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Recommended Further Reading

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