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Course units

Course units you can expect to study during your undergraduate degree programme are listed below by year of study. Please be aware that these are example course units to give you an insight into what you'll study at Royal Holloway and are liable to change.

 Courses are listed below by year of study for 2016/2017 Undergraduate Students:

Year 1

Term 1 courses
CodeDescription                                Lecturer
MT1100 From Euclid to Mandelbrot                                 Professor Blackburn
MT1710 Calculus                                                                          Dr Mota Furtado
MT1810 Number Systems Professor Schack
MT1940 Numbers and Functions Dr Moffatt


Term 2 courses
CodeDescription                                                      Lecturer                  
MT1210 Introduction to Applied Mathematics                               Dr Kay
MT1300 Principles of Statistics Dr Shcherbakov
MT1720 Functions of Several Variables Professor Audenaert
MT1820 Matrix Algebra Dr Kar


Year 2

                                                         Term 1 courses
CodeDescription                                                 Lecturer                   
MT2220 Vector Analysis and Fluids                                      Professor O'Mahony 
MT2300 Statistical Methods Dr Shcherbakov
MT2800 Linear Algebra and Project Professor Audenaert / Dr Gerke
MT2830 Rings and Factorisation                                                 Dr Moffatt
MT2940 Real Analysis                                                                  Dr Barnea


    Term 2 courses
CodeDescription                                                                   Lecturer
MT2320 Probability Dr Sharia
MT2630 Graphs and Optimisation Professor Schack  
MT2720 Ordinary DEs and Fourier Analysis Dr Farmer
MT2860 Groups and Group Actions Dr Kar
MT2900 Complex Variable                                                  Dr Bolte


Year 3

Term 1 courses
CodeDescription                                           Lecturer
MT3000 Mathematics Project  
MT3110 Number Theory                                                              Professor Dietmann
MT3140 Principles of Algorithm Design Dr Gerke
MT3200 Quantum Theory I Professor O'Mahony
MT3280 Non-Linear Dynamic Systems Dr Mota Furtado
MT3340 Time Series Analysis Dr Koloydenko
MT3410 Channels Dr Kay
MT3470 Mathematics of Financial Markets Dr Shcherbakov
MT3540 Combinatorics Professor Blackburn
MT3620 Cipher Systems Dr Ng
Electromagnetism Dr Lusher
MT3850 Applications of Field Theory                                   Professor Dietmann


Term 2 courses
CodeDescription                                               Lecturer
MT3000 Mathematics Project  
MT3090 Mathematics in the Classroom Dr Farmer
MT3120 Computional Number theory Dr Widmer
MT3220 Dynamics of Real Fluids                                                Dr Davies
MT3320 Inference Dr Sharia
MT3360 Applied Probability Dr Koloydenko
MT3450 Quantum Information and Coding Professor Audenaert
MT3480 Advanced Financial Mathematics Professor Schack
MT3610 Error Correcting Codes Professor Murphy
MT3660 Public Key Cryptography

Professor Murphy

MT3860 Groups and Group Actions 

Dr Kar

MT3910 Topology                                                                     Professor Nucinkis


Year 4 

Term 1 courses
MT4000 MSci Project (1 unit)                                                       
MT4140 Principles of Algorithm Design Dr Gerke
MT4410 Channels Dr Kay
MT4540 Combinatorics Professor Blackburn
MT4620 Advances Cipher Systems Dr Ng
MT4850 Applications of Field Theory Professor Dietmann


Term 2 courses
MT4000 MSci Project (one unit)                                      
MT4120 Computional Number Theory                                        Dr Widmer
MT4320 Inference Dr Sharia
MT4360 Applied Probability Dr Koloydenko
MT4450 Quantum Information and Coding Professor Audenaert
MT4480 Advanced Financial Mathematics Professor Schack
MT4610 Theory of Error Correcting Codes Professor Murphy
MT4660 Public Key Crytography Professor Murphy
MT4910 Topology Professor Nucinkis



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