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Working papers

School of Management research working papers are published to circulate the results on ongoing research to a wider audience, and to facilitate intellectual exchange and debate. The papers have been through a refereeing process and are subsequently published in a revised form.

School of Management working paper series

The following papers are available to download from our digital repository in PDF format free of charge.


Dina H. Bassiouny and Chris Hackley (2013)
Does early exposure to digital media harm children’s development? A cross-disciplinary review

Chris Smith and Jenny Chan (2013)
Working for two bosses: exploring the paradox of interned student labour in China


Alice Lam & Andre Campos (2012)
'Content to be sad’ or ‘runaway apprentice’? The psychological contract and careers of young scientists in the entrepreneurial university

Chris Smith & Tony Elger (2012)
Critical Realism and Interviewing Subjects

Laura J. Spence, Gloria Agyemang & Leonardo Rinaldi (2012)
Beyond the limits of accountants as ‘trusted advisors’ for small and medium sized enterprises: environmental sustainability advice

Laura J Spence & Professor Michael Bourlakis (2012)
Integrated network responsibility in the gambling industry: Camelot and the UK National Lottery

Gloria Agyemang, Brendan O'Dwyer, Jeffrey Unerman & Mariama Awumbila (2012)
The nature of knowledge sharing in NGO accounting and accountability processes

Yu Zheng (2012)
Prolonged selection or extended flexibility? A case study of Japanese subsidiaries in China

Chris Smith, Raffaella Valssechi, Monica Andersson Bäck & Per Sederblad (2012)
Tele-nursing: the English and Swedish Cases

Jonathan Chong, José-Rodrigo Córdoba-Pachón & Farid Siddiqui (2012)
Cloud computing for dummies? Identifying management assumptions of cloud computing adoption in organisations, SoMWP1202

Cecilia Loureiro-Koechlin & Dr José-Rodrigo Córdoba (2012)
Assessing online ethnography as a form of interpretive research in information systems, SoMWP1201


Ricardo-Abad Barros-Castro & José-Rodrigo Córdoba-Pachón (2011)
From computer supported collaborative learning to deep learning: A systems approach, SoMWP1008


Alice Lam (2010)
What Motivates Academic Scientists to Engage in Research Commercialization: ‘Gold’, ‘Ribbon’ or ‘Puzzle’?, SoMWP1009

Donna Brown (2010)
Absenteeism in a Low-wage Setting, SoMWP1007

Brendan McSweeney (2010)
The Transnationalization of Financial Reporting Standards, SoMWP1006 

Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou, Eivor Oborn, Michael Barrett & Yolande Chan (2010)
Policy-Making as a Struggle for Meaning: Disentangling Knowledge Translation Across International Health Contexts, SoMWP1005

Brendan McSweeney, Donna Brown & Stravroula Iliopoulou (2010)
How Not to Do Cross Cultural Analysis: Predictive Failure and Construction Flaws in Geert Hofstede's Case Study, SoMWP1004

Brendan McSweeney (2010)
The Myth of Cultural Communion: Civilizations, Nations, and Ethnic Groups (currently unavailable while paper is reviewed), SoMWP1003

Yue Teng & José-Rodrigo Córdoba-Pachón (2010)
Social Networking Sites and Graduate Recruitment: Sharing Online Activities?, SoMWP1002

Yu Zheng & Chris Smith (2010)
Employment Relations at the Workplace Level in China: Two Contrasting Cases, SoMWP1001


Brendan McSweeney & Bill Ryan (2009)
From the ‘Frying-Pan’ into the ‘Fire’? Antidotes to Confirmatory Bias in Case-Study Research,

Christopher J Napier (2009)
Accounting at the London School of Economics: Opportunity Lost?, SoMWP0909

Laura J. Spence & Michael Bourlakis (2009)
Unilateral Standards for Social Responsibility: Corporations as Social Watchdogs?, SoMWP0908

Sameer Hosany & David Gilbert (2009)
Dimensions of Tourists’ Emotional Experiences towards Hedonic Holiday Destinations, SoMWP0907 

Alice Lam (2009)
From ‘ivory tower traditionalists’ to ‘entrepreneurial scientists’? Academic scientists in fuzzy university-industry boundaries, SoMWP0906

Sameer Hosany & Mark Witham (2009) 
Dimensions of Cruisers’ Experiences, Satisfaction and Intention to Recommend, SoMWP0905

Shuchi Sinha & Yiannis Gabriel (2009) 
'Delhi Belly': Coping With Toxicity And Immunizing Identities In Indian Call Centres, SoMWP0904

Yiannis Gabriel, David E. Gray & Harshita Goregaokar (2009) 
Temporary Derailment or the End of the Line? Unemployed Managers at 50, SoMWP0903

Brendan McSweeney (2009) 
Is Denial of the Possibility of Financial Asset Market Failure Responsible for an Economic Holocaust, SoMWP0902

G. D. Carnegie & C. J. Napier (2009) 
Traditional Accountants and Business Professionals: Portraying the Accounting Profession after Enron, SoMWP0901


Gloria Agyemang (2008)
Accounting for Needs? Formula Funding in the UK School Sector, SoMWP0809

Chong Wu & David Barnes (2008) 
A Four-phase Conceptual Model for Supplier Selection in Agile Supply Chains, SoMWP0808

Christopher Napier (2008)
The Logic of Pension Accounting, SoMWP0807

José-Rodrigo Córdoba-Pachón (2008)
Enabling Collaborations In Information Systems Practice, SoMWP0806

Alice Lam (2008) 
The Tacit Knowledge Problem in Multinational Corporations: Japanese and US Offshore Knowledge Incubators, SoMWP0805

Ewan Ferlie, Gerry McGivern & Ailson De Moraes (2008)
Developing a Public Interest School of Management, SoMWP0804

Jos Gamble (2008) 
The Diffusion of HRM Practices in East Asia: Chinese Workers in Multinational Retail Firms From Japan, SoMWP0803

Marco Nappolini & Chris Hackley (2008)
Moviegoers’ Response to Product Placement: A Mise-en-Scene Analysis, SoMWP0802

Alice Lam & Jean-Paul Lambermont-Ford (2008) 
Knowledge Creation and Sharing in Organisational Contexts: A Motivation-based Perspective, SoMWP0801


Alan Pilkington (2006)
Key Inventors and Key Firms in Fuel Cell Development: A Patent Analysis, SoMWP0605

Alan Pilkington & Thorsten Teichert (2006)
A Citation/Co-citation of Research Policy, SoMWP0604

Gloria Agyemang (2006) 
The Organisational Steering Processes of Two UK Education Departments, SoMWP0603

Yang-Im Lee (2006) 
Retailing Strategy and the Importance of Clearly Defined Partnership Arrangements, SoMWP0602 

Bill Ryan (2006) 
Budgeting, the Individual and the Capital Markets: A Case of Fiscal Stress?, SoMWP0601


Lutz Preuss (2005)
Middle managers and the environment: the perspective of the purchasing and supply function,  

Donna Brown & Michael Gold (2005)
Non-standard academics: a profile across ten UK universities, SoMWP0503

Rungpaka Tiwsakul & Chris Hackley (2005)
Ethics and regulation of contemporary marketing communication practices: an exploration of the perceptions of UK-based consumers towards the ethical issues raised by product placement in British TV shows, SoMWP0502 

Norman Peng & Chris Hackley (2005) 
A qualitative case exploration of the use of image political advertising in the Taiwanese presidential election of 2000, SoMWP0501 


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