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What are Royal Holloway MBAs like?

Boutique class size – ‘friends for life’

Over many years the Royal Holloway full time MBA has enjoyed strong demand for a boutique sized cohort that averages 30 students, an approach that is strongly supported by the teaching team who enjoy working with an intimate group of engaged, highly motivated and mature students.

The School of Management prides itself in having a very open and friendly culture, and with a class of thirty, not only do academics know students individually, but a strong, tight group of MBA students can develop, which enhances the learning experience for everyone. The residential international study visit, offering a blend of academic, industry and social experiences that are extremely popular with students, sees students get to know each other at an even higher level. MBAs often talk about having developed ‘friends for life’ through their intensive year at Royal Holloway.

Diversity and equality – truly international experience

Established as UKs second education institute during the reign of Queen Victoria (hence ‘Royal’ name) that accepted ladies, it is perhaps not surprising that the Royal Holloway MBA attracts an unusually high share of female applicants. Globally a 30%:70% bias towards men is typical on an MBA course, whilst we enjoy a consistent gender equality, with women slightly more numerous in the last few years, a pleasing statistic that sees us sit in the top rankings here.

London is widely recognised as one of the premier global cities, a genuinely international city that is proud of the multi-racial, multi-religious make up of its residents, and this is a cherished attribute that Royal Holloway University of London also reflects. Whilst other MBA programmes might see a large proportion of students hailing predominantly from one or two countries, the Royal Holloway recruitment team generates high quality applications from around the world. A typical 30 strong cohort of full time MBAs will usually contain nationals from 15 to 20 different countries, ones and twos from an interesting and diverse range of countries. This imbibes the MBA learning experience with a particularly diverse and stimulating learning environment, giving students a rich cultural experience of UK, London and international which helps build strong cultural self-awareness and valuable experience of working in a cross-cultural context.  

The Royal Holloway MBA does not aim to produce cookie cutter clones fitting a pre-determined business school mold. The School of Management catalyses a range of individuals into a tight group and then facilitates, via a series of rigorous and stretching challenges, a variety of very diverse, personal learning journeys that cherishes diversity and individuality. 

Varied, experienced professionals – rich peer learning

An essential entry requirement is extensive work experience, again the sheer variety evidenced in the MBA work profiles is very impressive. Full time MBA candidates are typically in their late 20’s and early 30’s. Industry experience has included; digital marketing, project management, IT, banking, oil, insurance, finance, telecoms, engineering, construction, accounting, aviation, NGO (United Nations) administrative, entrepreneurial, charities, beverages brand manager and even Disneyland.

Royal Holloway is proud of its AMBA accreditation which requires MBA students to have at least three years postgraduate work experience. This experience will come to bear towards the end of your year-long programme when you are required to work in groups as management consultants and recommend a viable solution to a real business problem set by one of our industry partners


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