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Media coverage

School of staff, students and alumni in the media.

September 2017

The Conversation - Uber in London: firm must value its drivers as well as its customers.
Dr Amany Elbanna's article discusses Uber and the challenges it faces (25/09/2017).

BBC Capital - The hidden private experiences of the travel elite.
Professor Giana Eckhardt quoted on how experiental luxury is perceived (01/09/2017).

June 2017

ForbesUber's Problems: Has The CEO Just Trashed Entrepreneurship And The Sharing Economy?  Professor Giana Eckhardt comments on the implications for the sharing economy following events at Uber (14/06/17).

Reuters  - Facing competing Brexit demands, PM May nears deal with Northern Irish 'kingmakers'. Kylie MacLellan and Elizabeth Piper quote Professor Chris Grey who specialises in Brexit (13/06/17)

May 2017

Social Science Bites - Chris Grey on Organizations (Podcast)
David Edmonds interviews Professor Chris Grey on what is an "organisation" (01/05/17).

October 2016

EuromoneyCSR: Can bank hiring help close the socioeconomic divide? 
Dr. Louise Ashley, Royal Holloway, University of London, the chief banking researcher on the UK Social Mobility Report comments on the findings (31/10/16)

September 2016

Mail Online - Working classes miss out on top jobs at investment banks 'because they wear brown shoes' and do not speak with a posh enough accent
Dr. Louise Ashley, Royal Holloway, University of London, and researchers at University of Birmingham highlight research findings (01/09/16)

July 2016

FT.com - Responsible Business Awards winners announced 
Professor Laura Spence comments on why firms should stay the course (12/07/16)

November 2015

The ConversationInside the massive market for loyalty cards and frequent flyer miles
Justin O'Brien published article (26/11/15)

The Conversation - How Dr Dre picked up the ball and ran with it despite Rugby World Cup’s tight marketing scrum
Justin O'Brien published article (2/11/15)

March 2015

Times Higher Education - `My two cents: priceless'
Prof. Chris Hackley  comments on THE World Reputation Rankings 2015  (12/3/2015)

January 2015

Harvard Business Review - The Sharing Economy Isn't About Sharing At All
Our Professor Giana M. Eckhardt and Professor Fleura Bardhi from City University, London discuss issues on the sharing economy (28/01/15)

December 2014

BBC World News - Is Candy Crush in meetings acceptable behaviour in a modern workplace?
Dr Fiona Moore discusses this issue with BBC's Matthew Amroliwala (08/12/14)

The Financial TimesCurb your narcissistic chief executives  
Prof. Denis Tourish quotes Winston Churchill to show how powerful leaders can prevent inconvenient truths from reaching their ears (03/12/14)

November 2014

The Conversation - Literature's long love affair with product placement
Prof. Chris Hackley published article(19/11/14)

The Times - Bond author drives into literary storm
Prof. Chris Hackley comments on product placement in literature (15/11/14)

Prof. Dennis Tourish discusses `Dysfunctional leadership in corporations'. Video recorded at the Daedalus Trust-RSM Conference `Leadership; stress and hubris' in London.

August 2014

Dr Gul Berna Ozcan was interviewed by Brazil's leading daily newspaper, Correio Brazilense on the presidential elections and business political ties in Turkey (16/08/14)

April 2014

The Financial Times - Premise of `creating shared value' risks misleading MBA students
Prof. Laura Spence, co-author comments from article in California Management Review (20/04/14)

November 2013

Sky News, BBC Worldwide and BBC Regional Radio -  Prof. Dennis Tourish comments on the influence of political cults and links to London women slaves news story. 

June 2013 

The Mirror - Superman flim Man of Steel rakes in record-breaking £110m in product placement deals
Professor Chris Hackley comments on product placement (12/06/13)

U-T San Diego - Baby Bounce: Royal infant may help UK economy
Prof. Pauline MacLaran comments on how the royal birth could boost morale (12/06/13)

BBC Radio 4 - Why are Turkish women demonstrating? 
Dr Gül Berna Özcan is interviewed about the current protests in Turkey (07/06/13)

Voice of America - Turkey protests reveal wider political struggle
Prof. Gül Berna Özcan is interviewed about the protests in Turkey (04/06/13)

BBC World News Today - Turkish protests
Prof. Gül Berna Özcan  is interview on current events taking place (03/06/13)

March 2013

The Guardian ─ The limits of NHS transparency 
 Letter by Prof. Mark Exworthy on data transparency published (19/03/13)

February 2013

Times Higher Education - The Changing A level 
Prof. Chris Hackley comments on A levels returning to their original format (07/02/13)

Times Higher Education - University student marketing spend up 23% 
Prof. Chris Hackley comments on large advertising budget (7/02/13)

January 2013

Times Higher Education - Return on Investment 
Prof. Chris Hackley comments on the value of the academic study of marketing (24/01/13)

Previous years' coverage



The Financial Times – A one-year posting, three expats and an MBA
Three current MBA students profiled (17/12/12)

telegraph.co.uk – Christmas music makes us spend more
Dr Alan Bradshaw quoted on consumer behaviour (13/12/12)

www.mailonsunday.co.uk –  Why the shops really do wish it was Christmas every day 
Dr Alan Bradshaw quoted on music and shopping (13/12/12)



bbc.co.uk –  10 things readers want in a history of the world 
Prof. Christopher Napier comments on double-entry book-keeping (24/09/12)

Guardian.co.uk –  Practising social responsibility without the CSR label 
Prof. Laura J. Spence quoted on CSR for SMEs (12/09/12)


BBC News Magazine – Is pregnant Yahoo CEO a landmark?
Dr Fiona Moore commented on pregnancy and employment (18/07/12)

The Telegraph – Embrace London's distance learning courses and reap the rewards
Our MBA in International Management by distance learning highlighted (13/07/12)

Christian Science Monitor – Barclays scandal prompts furious public backlash in Britain 
Prof. Laura J. Spence quoted on reputation of UK banking (03/07/12)


Times Higher Education – The kindness of strangers
Prof. Chris Hackley calls for changes in the way PhDs are examined (24/05/12)


The Independent –  While you were sleeping... some were hard at work

Research co-authored by Sukhdev Johal mentioned (01/04/12)


BBC News magazine – Will you tell Starbucks your name?
Prof. Chris Hackley quoted on the personalisation of an economic relationship (14/03/12)

The Financial Times – Royal Holloway: Low-tech design aims to broaden reach 
Justin O'Brien and current students talk about our DL MBA programme (12/03/12)


The Guardian –  Spotlight on top pay 
Letter by Prof. Brendan McSweeney on top executive pay published (24/01/12)

The Guardian – Time to take control of the credit rating agencies
Satistics on Standard & Poor produced by Sukhdev Johal quoted (16/01/12)

Channel 4 News – Channel 4 booze
Prof. Chris Hackley discusses recommended drinking limits (09/01/12, 7pm)




The Guardian – Simple sermon on ethics won't do
Letter by Prof. Brendan McSweeney on corporate aims published (12/11/11)


Daily Mirror – X Factor uses "cruelty of rejection" to appeal to audiences, academics claim 
Study co-authored by Prof. Chris Hackley quoted (12/10/11)


Times Higher Education –  The appraisal malaise
Prof. Dennis Tourish discusses the efficiency of appraisals (25/08/11)

guardian.co.uk – The Business podcast: Fears of a new global recession
Sukhdev Johal took part in a panel discussion on the world economy (10/08/11)


The Derby Telegraph – Contract put Bombardier at disadvantage from the start  
CRESC research co-authored by Sukhdev Johal quoted (13/07/11)

The Daily Express – Proof that Bombardier's bid was the best value for money
CRESC research co-authored by Sukhdev Johal mentioned (13/07/11)

The Guardian – The decline of Britain's train-manufacturing industry: who is to blame?
CRESC research co-authored by Sukhdev Johal mentioned (11/07/11)


The Guardian –  Can the coalition revive regional Britain while the City still rules the economy?
CRESC research co-authored by Sukhdev Johal quoted (13/06/11)


BBC The Apprentice —  Series 7
Alumni Alex Britez Cabral was a contestant on the TV programme for budding entrepreneurs.


ITV1, Tonight —  The True Price of a Pint 
Prof. Chris Hackley commented on alcohol (broadcast 07/04/11)

Ethical Corporation — Competitive intelligence: The dark arts 
Research co-authored by Dr Laura J. Spence mentioned (03/04/11)


Staines News —  Royal Holloway lecturer speaks out for Shepperton boy 
Ailson Moraes is interviewed about his charity fundraising event (10/03/11)

The Guardian — Public bodies need more women on board
Letter written by Dr Michael Gold on employee representation in the boardroom (04/03/11)

Asian Image — MP shocked at killing of Pakistani minister
Alumnus Andrew Stephenson MP interviewed (02/03/11)


Times Higher Education supplement — Campus round-up: Not made in Britain  
Sukhdev Johal quoted on UK manufacturing (17/02/11)

guardian.co.uk —  Manhandling the budget 
An article about public sector budgets quotes Dr Mark Exworthy on spending by healthcare organizations (15/02/11)

BBC Radio 4, You and Yours —  Product placement in films  
Prof. Chris Hackley appeared on the discussion panel (broadcast 11/02/11)

guardian.co.uk, The Business podcast — The future of British manufacturing
Sukhdev Johal was on the panel discussing the future of British industry (09/02/11)

The Guardian — What the builders' yellow digger tells us about our manufacturing malaise  
CRESC working paper co-authored by Sukhdev Johal mentioned (08/02/11)

BioscienceTechnology.com — UK manufacturing ‘not made in Britain’
An article about CRESC working paper 87 co-authored by Sukhdev Johal (08/02/11)

The Engineer — CRESC report highlights UK manufacturing issues 
An article about CRESC working paper 87 co-authored by Sukhdev Johal (08/02/11) 

Physorg.com —  UK goods: 'Not made in Britain' 
An article about CRESC working paper 87 co-authored by Sukhdev Johal (08/02/11) 

The Daily Mail — Why we must all be activist shareholders 
CRESC working paper co-authored by Sukhdev Johal mentioned (05/02/11)


Radio Free Europe —  Bazaar economy in Central Asia (Russian version)
Dr Gul Berna Ozcan interview published on news agency website in Kazakh and Russian (04/01/11)

Accounting and Business UK — ACCA Diary: Sustainability Forum  
Dr Laura J. Spence was one of the speakers at a Friday Forum in November 2010 (01/2011)



Soaring determination leads gymnast to Mystère roost
Las Vegas Review Journal (28/11/10), Ross Gibson, alumnus

Millions in cheap home loans trap
The Daily Mail (03/11/10), Sukhdev Johal

Could a US-China trade war take down the world economy?
guardian.co.uk The Business podcast (02/11/10), Sukhdev Johal

Business community's Staines 'removal' plan
BBC London News (broadcast on 01/11/10 at 6:30pm), Prof. Chris Hackley


Distance learning: how an MBA could increase your salary
The Daily Telegraph (04/10/2010), student Guy Frobisher is featured


Turkistan Gundemi (TV panel discussion on Central Asia)
TRT AVAZ (broadcast on 28/08/10 and 3/09/10), panellist Dr Gul Berna Ozcan


The Business: Reasons to be cheerful
guardian.co.uk The Business podcast (28/07/10), Prof. Brendan McSweeney

Cable Heckled As He Hints At Graduate Tax
Sky News (broadcast 5pm on 15/07/10), Dr Fiona Moore

Ealing woman beats thousands for graduate placement
Ealing Gazette (07/07/10), recent graduate Pooja Suri


Why we need bureaucrats
The Guardian (22/06/10), Prof. Brendan McSweeney

BBC World Service (19/06/10), Dr Gul Berna Ozcan interviewed

Why are the world's richest women Chinese?
express.co.uk (17/06/10), Dr Fiona Moore

FTSE 100: how London's leading share index lost touch with the rest of Britain
The Observer (06/06/10), Sukhdev Johal


Building States and Markets: Enterprise Development in Central Asia
Kennan Institute (05/05/10), discussion on book by Dr Gul Berna Ozcan


The Dark Side of Competition
Finance and Management (April 2010), Dr Laura J. Spence

Sex discrimination in the City of London
BBC Breakfast (broadcast 03/04/10), Dr Fiona Moore


Prospective Conservative parliamentary candidates
conservatives.com, alumni Jack Perschkeand Andrew Stephensonare listed

A Brief History of Double Entry Book-keeping (Episode 4)
BBC Radio 4 (broadcast 11/03/10), Prof. Chris Nobes

Manufacturing sector needs a new direction
The Observer (07/03/10), CRESC Working Paper co-authored by Sukhdev Johal


One-third of Scots work in public sector
The Herald (03/02/10), Sukhdev Johal

Most of New Labour jobs 'boom' is in state sector
The Daily Express (01/02/10), CRESC Working Paper co-authored by Sukhdev Johal

Vast state payrolls will veto reforms
CityAM (01/02/10), CRESC Working Paper co-authored by Sukhdev Johal

The widening public-private divide
The Spectator (01/02/10), CRESC Working Paper co-authored by Sukhdev Johal

Economy in Transition
Institute of Economic Development, CRESC Working Paper co-authored by Sukhdev Johal


Half of new jobs are created by the state
The Sunday Times (31/01/10), CRESC Working Paper co-authored by Sukhdev Johal

Spending cuts will hit jobs and regions
Public Finance (28/01/10), CRESC Working Paper co-authored by Sukhdev Johal

How the public sector has been propping up the UK economy
Management Today (26/01/10), CRESC Working Paper co-authored by Sukhdev Johal

Ideas, drive and ambition - that's what you need to win our Enterprising Young Brits award Mail Online (13/01/10), alumna Claire Watt-Smith



Managers show their worth
Health Service Journal (10/11/09), Centre for Public Services Organisations


A clearer future: Why sustainability graduates are in hot demand
The Independent (29/10/09), Centre for Research Into Sustainability

Regional Highlights
Horse & Hound (22/10/09), undergraduate Zoe Sleigh wins both novice dressage classes at East Soley EC, Berks.

Can pension funds influence climate change?
Accounting and Business (Oct 2009), Prof. Jeffrey Unerman


No place for a free for all
The Tablet (05/09/09), Prof. Brendan McSweeney

What product placement changes mean to marketers
Utalk Marketing.com (14/09/09), Prof Chris Hackley


Free coaching for businessmen fighting recession
Redhill Reigate Horley Life (24/08/09), Leadership Academy

A-level results: tears of the clearing candidates fighting through UCAS
TheDaily Telegraph (21/08/09), Anthony Baafi, prospective student

Students without a university place opt for part-time courses
London Evening Standard (21/08/09), Anthony Baafi, prospective student


Transforming the future of advertising
The Age (21/07/09), Prof. Chris Hackley

2010 International Conference on Information Resources Management
Eventseer.net (02/07/09), Dr G. Harindranath


Rollercoaster Cycles of Resource-Dependent Economies
Centerpoint (June 2009), Point of view column by Dr Gul Berna Ozcan

Effects of the Economic Crisis on Eurasia
Centerpoint (June 2009), Dr Gul Berna Ozcan


Tiananmen: The flame burns on
The Observer (03/05/09), Diane Wei Liang, former member of staff


Letters: 'Shareholder primacy' that is little more than a myth
The Financial Times (20/04/09), Prof. Brendan McSweeney

FTs challenged to use freedoms
Health Service Journal (02/04/09), Dr Mark Exworthy

Talk to a reporter - you may learn how to get your message across
Times Higher Education (02/04/09), Prof. Chris Hackley


Get off to a flying start
The Independent (19/03/09), Kim Heffernon, MSc International Management student

Letters: Critical partners in global stability
Xalo (web,18/03/09), Prof. Brendan McSweeney)

Critical partners in global stability
journalisted.com (18/03/09), Prof. Brendan McSweeney

Critical partners in global stability
The Guardian (18/03/09), Prof. Brendan McSweeney

Is Andy Burnham Right to Ban Product Placement on UK Television?
UTalkMarketing.com (16/03/09), Prof. Chris Hackley

Desert or desk: the school is a click away
The Financial Times (06/03/09), Chris Howorth

Poleice officer
The People (08/03/09), Kat Morsia, alumna

Ethical Performance (01/03/09), Dr Laura J. Spence


Savills - Appointment General - Paris
PropertyMall.com (27/02/09), Isabelle Sanchez Turon, alumna

New MBA option for SA students
Business Day (25/02/09)

For your next job, you too can become an entrepreneur
City AM (19/02/09), Dr Rachel Doern

I'm hoping the economy will have recovered by the time I finish
The Guardian (17/02/09), Ben Hawker, postgraduate applicant

Inside every chief exec, there's a Soviet planner
The Observer (15/02/09), Prof. Brendan McSweeney

Should the rules restricting product placement on television be relaxed?
BBC Radio 4, You and Yours (09/02/09), Prof. Chris Hackley

Events standard comes under fire
CEI Asia (01/02/09), Dr David Bevan


Ofsted give top marks to training school
Evening Star, Ipswich (20/01/09)

How to become a 'green' organiser
BrandRepublic.com (12/01/09), Dr David Bevan

New study reveal young Brits consider binge drinking acceptable
MiramarLagunaBeach.com (06/01/09), Prof. Chris Hackley

York prof co-authors report about competitive intelligence
Yfile newsletter, York University (06/01/09), Dr Laura J. Spence


December 2008

Researchers: Anti-drink ads don't work
Morning Star (30/12/08), Prof. Chris Hackley

Experts say demonising young people in order to promote safe drinking must be stopped News-Medical.net (29/12/08), Prof. Chris Hackley

Binge-Drinking Campaigns Face Social Networking Sites
StaffNurse.com (29/12/08), Prof. Chris Hackley

Tis the season to be jolly?
WebWire (29/12/08), Prof. Chris Hackley

Binge drinking ads don't work because they 'demonise' young people, say researchers
Mail On Sunday (29/12/08), Prof. Chris Hackley

Binge Drinking A Socially Acceptable British Pastime
Medical News Today (28/12/08), Prof. Chris Hackley

Youth drinking has plateaued
Sunday Herald (28/12/08), Prof. Chris Hackley

Binge drinking ads 'demonise youth'
Press Association (28/12/08), Prof. Chris Hackley

November 2008

Welcome to a world of free access
Times Higher Education (27/11/08), Dr Alan Bradshaw

West Norwood graduate launches airship business
Your Local Guardian.co.uk (23/11/08), Nicholas Rogers (alumnus)

Product displacement
BBC Radio 4 You and Yours (07/11/08), Prof. Chris Hackley

When David Meets Goliath
ESRC Society Today (01/11/08), Prof. Alice Lam

October 2008

We've all fallen for the big stock market con
thisismoney.co.uk (08/10/08), Prof. Brendan McSweeney

Stock exchange: a casino where the rich can't lose
guardian.co.uk (05/10/08), Prof. Brendan McSweeney

The banks have been hijacked by a tiny officer class of top executives
UTV (05/10/08), Prof. Brendan McSweeney

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