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Prof. Dennis Tourish - Brixton Maoist collective case

Posted on 28/11/2013

People have been horrified by the story of three women in London who were rescued by the police from what was initially described as a case of ‘slavery.’ It has since emerged that they were part of a small political collective for over 30 years, run by a married couple. Dennis Tourish is Professor of Leadership at the School of Management and an expert on political cults, whose latest book The Dark Side of Transformational Leadership explores  how manipulative leaders can sometimes exercise total control over their followers. Dennis has been interviewed throughout the week on all the main UK news programmes including Sky and BBC World News, to provide expert commentary on a case that has fascinated and appalled both the media and the public.

He says: ‘It is far from unprecedented to find people attracted to an individual who promises them a way to change the world, and add meaning to their own lives. They are then encouraged to gradually increase their commitment to the group’s activities, so that eventually it monopolises their time and their thinking. This appalling example warns all of us of the need to retain our ability to think for ourselves, and never to imagine that any one person or small group has all the answers to our problems.’

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