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Information for Management staff teaching in Singapore

Courses forming a part of the BSc Management programme for our students based in Singapore under a collaborative agreement with Kaplan Higher Education Institute and Kaplan Higher Education Academy (Kaplan Singapore) will be delivered using recorded lectures downloadable from Moodle (the College VLE) and face to face delivery of workshops and/or seminars in Singapore.

» Kaplan Introduction and Travel Guide 

» New Travel Insurance Policy

» Kaplan Handbook for RHUL Academics 

Adobe Presenter and Captivate

Please contact Julia Charlton for software, training and microphones.
» Adobe Presenter Video Express Quick Guide 


Link your Moodle course to the RePlay service

This has probably already have been done: you should see a RePlay bloc in the right-hand column of your course page in Moodle. 
» How to link your Moodle course to RePlay

Record your lectures on a desktop or laptop

Log into Moodle and go to your course page, under Replay you should see a link to Download Recorder (Windows and Mac versions). When installed sign in with your usual RHUL login and password, MacOS may need this server rhul.hosted.panopto.com 

N.B. Panopto version 5.4 or above will be required to use this service WEF 21/07/17.

Record your lectures live on campus

Due to quality concerns, we will NOT be using this option. All Kaplan lectures must be recorded separately using a laptop or PC. Workload points have been allocated for this.

If you are using a College PC, email itservicedesk@royalholloway.ac.uk to have the Panopto Recorder installed on your computer.

Moving or deleting recordings you have previously uploaded

Log in to http://rhul.hosted.panopto.com/ (Change the drop-down to log in via Moodle VLE, only use the Panopto option if you uploaded recordings to the old Kaplan folder).

Select the file you want to delete, go over to the Actions column and click the X icon to delete it. Select the file you want to move, go over to the Actions column and click the Settings icon, next to Folder click Edit, then change the folder in the drop-down and click Save, then close the window.

Recording tips & instructions for your Moodle pages for Kaplan courses

Please record a 5-10 minute video introduction to your course 

Remember that students in Singapore will not meet a RH academic until a couple of weeks into the course. This is their chance to see you! You may/may not choose to use slides for this.

Record each bite sized video (10-15 minutes in length) with audio and PowerPoint. It is also helpful for the students if you use video so they can see you rather than just having a disembodied voice

Please remove any reference to on-campus, to terms, to reading week etc. These do NOT apply in the case of Singapore students as they complete the course in 13 weeks straight with no breaks.

Leave out assessment dates in your videos; you can post these on your Moodle course page under the Course Introduction section. If you record dates etc within your presentation, then you will end up having to re-record the video each time a new cohort starts.

Please do update recordings where necessary for each new cohort starting May and November.

Uploading content and preparation
Please upload a full course outline – provide as much detail as possible. Pre-empt any questions students may have. Do not leave anything to chance or take anything for granted.

Please upload readings, cases, other study resources, web links etc for your course. Paul Dudley has provided an excellent Moodle page for MN2206K and this is now the standard – the boxes should be the same for each course. All you need to do is change the contents of the boxes for your course.

Please upload any materials you want the students to read in advance of your visit to Singapore. You (person going out to Singapore) will teach for eight hours to part-time students and three hours to full-time students.

Plan your teaching taking into account the nature of delivery and the types of students (part-time are older and employed whereas the full-time students are younger with fewer time commitments). Be flexible and be prepared to adapt to issues arising. For example, be prepared to revise a key topic or provide exam preparation tips and guidelines or better still, work this into your materials. 

Dr Isabella Chaney 
22nd March 2017



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