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As ever, we want to make sure that all the books you need are available to you in the library, and so we’ve launched the More Books campaign. If we don’t  have a book (or CD, DVD, score, etc.), which is on your reading list, Logo1or which you need for your  studies, either fill in a paper form in either of the libraries on campus, or submit a request through our website using the Suggest a Book button below.

We’ll purchase books to fulfil all suggestions that will enhance our teaching collections, and will respond to all requesters who fill in their contact details to confirm our purchasing decision, and check to see if they can recommend any other books missing from our collection.

If you feel we need more copies of a book already in stock, you can get in touch too, either by filling in a suggestion form and leaving a note, or by sending an e-mail to library@rhul.ac.uk.

We always work to improve our library provision - here's your chance to be heard! Tell us what books we should be purchasing using the link below:


We look forward to receiving your suggestions, and working together to  improve the Library's collections!


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