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Who's who

Senior Management Team


John Tuck
Director of Library Services
  01784 443330
Email: john.tuck@rhul.ac.uk


Matthew Brooke                                                                                                 Associate Director, Academic and User Services
Telephone:  01784   443123 
Email: m.brooke@rhul.ac.uk


Amy Warner
Associate Director, e Strategy and Technical Services
Telephone:  01784 276268
Email: amy.warner@rhul.ac.uk


Academic Liaison Team



Helen Rimmer
Head of Academic Liaison, Management
Telephone:  01784 414424
Email:  Helen.Rimmer@rhul.ac.uk 

Debbie Phillips

Debbie Phillips
Information Consultant for Classics , History , Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures , Music  
01784 414065
Email: Deborah.phillips@rhul.ac.uk



Emma Burnett
Information Consultant for GeographyPolitics and International Relations, European StudiesPhilosophy, Economics and Social Work
Telephone:  01784 443333
Email: emma.burnett@rhul.ac.uk




Sian Downes
Information Consultant for Law, Criminology & Sociology, Psychology
Telephone:  01784 414017
Email: Sian.Downes@rhul.ac.uk



Rachel White
Information Consultant for Drama and Theatre , English , Media ArtsRoyal Holloway International
Telephone:01784 414017
Email:  Rachel.White@rhul.ac.uk


Leanne Workman
Information Consultant for Biological Sciences, Computer Science, Earth SciencesInformation Security , Mathematics ,  Physics
Telephone:  01784 414425
Email: Leanne.Workman@rhul.ac.uk







Maria Vardaki
Administration Manager
Telephone:  01784 443334
Email:  m.vardaki@rhul.ac.uk


Sylvia Aspden

Administrative Assistant
Telephone:  01784 276679
Email: sylvia.aspden@rhul.ac.uk



Tracy Lowe
Administrative Assistant
Telephone:  01784 276676
Email: tracy.lowe@rhul.ac.uk

Acquisitions Team



Frances Shipsey
Head of Acquisitions and Content Delivery
Telephone: 01784 443328
Email: frances.shipsey@rhul.ac.uk


Chrissie Phillips
Book Acqusitions Co-ordinator
Telephone: 01784 443326 
Email: christina.phillips@rhul.ac.uk

Phil Bower Phil Bower
Journals and Subscriptions Co-ordinator
Telephone: 01784 443328 
Email: philip.bower@rhul.ac.uk


Phil Carter                                                                                                         
Information Assistant
Telephone: 01784 443326
Email:  p.j.carter@rhul.ac.uk


 Eva Dann

Eva Dann
Information Assistant (ILL and Digital Collections)
Telephone: 01784 443122
Email:  eva.dann@rhul.ac.uk


Bev Hawkins
Information Assistant
Telephone: 01784 443326
Email: beverley.hawkins@rhul.ac.uk

Lesley Barr
Information Assistant
Telephone: 01784 443326
Email:  irene.bittles@rhul.ac.uk 


Danielle Czerkaszyn
Information Assistant
Telephone: 01784 443326
Email: Danielle Czerkaszyn@rhul.ac.uk

Archives and Special Collections


Annabel Valentine
Telephone: 01784 443814
Email:  annabel.valentine@rhul.ac.uk



Jill Neve 

Cataloguing and Metadata Co-ordinator
Telephone: 01784 443120
Email: j.neve@rhul.ac.uk



Enton Mataj

Senior Information Assistant
Telephone: 01784 443120
Email: enton.mataj@rhul.ac.uk

Customer Services



Carol Sadlowski
Head of Customer Services
Telephone: 01784 414640
Email:  c.sadlowski@rhul.ac.uk


Library Customer Care Co-ordinator
Telephone: 01784 276344


Amy O'Donohoe
Library Customer Care Co-ordinator (Collections)
Telephone: 01784 414188
Email:  Amy.ODonohoe@rhul.ac.uk



Ann Waitman
Weekend Supervisor
Telephone: 01784 414385
Email: ann.waitman@rhul.ac.uk




Paula Boardman  
Information Assistant
Telephone: 01784 443329
Email:  paula.boardman@rhul.ac.uk



Pauline Harding
Information Assistant
Telephone: 01784 443329
Email:  pauline.harding@rhul.ac.uk  



David Izzard
Information Assistant
Telephone: 01784 443329
Email: David.Izzard@rhul.ac.uk




David Morgan
Collections Project Co-ordinator
Telephone: 01784 276422
Email: david.morgan@rhul.ac.uk


Fine and Decorative Art Collections

 LauraMacCulloch Laura Macculloch
College Curator
Telephone: 01784 443998
Email: laura.macculloch@rhul.ac.uk





Harriet O'Neill
College Curator (Maternity Cover)
Telephone: 01784 443998
Email: Harriet.ONeill@rhul.ac.uk

Library Systems and Technical Innovation

  Peter Kiely
Library Systems Officer
Telephone: 01784 414092
Email: p.kiely@rhul.ac.uk

Research Support


Nicola Cockarill
Research information Manager (Open Access)
Telephone: 01784 414386
Email: Nicola.cockarill@rhul.ac.uk



Research Data and Curation Manager
Telephone:  01784 414171                                                                           Email:   




Emilia Brzozowska-Szczecina
Senior Information Assistant (Research Support)
Telephone: 01784 443398
Email: Emilia.Brzozowska-Szczecina@rhul.ac.uk


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