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Open access PC suites

There are a large number of computers available across campus. Any member of the College can use the open-access labs and postgraduates have additional facilities. Many departments also offer special computer suites, details of which are available in course handbooks.

Wireless access provided in all these areas, limited wired access for personal devices.

Library computers

Bedford Library

On there are 79 PCs located next to the rear staircase. On there are 45 PCs in several locations. Available during only.

Founder's Library

There are a total of 17 PCs located throughout . A further 9 PCs are located in the . Available during only.

Open-access labs 

The Computer Centre

Located on the main Campus road opposite the Arts building and next door to the School of Management (map). It contains six 24/7 PC Labs and is access via College Card outside of normal hours.

Bourne Yorkon PC Lab

The largest PC Lab on campus with 92 PCs, it is in a large portacabin situated in the Bourne Annexe on the right of Bourne Laboratory if you are heading downhill from the Bedford Library (map). Open 9am-6pm


Predominantly for teaching sessions, but available for students outside of this. Outside of teaching sessions it is available 24/7 via College Card access.

Located through the Horton Building, proceed through the next set of doors in front of you, turn right, go straight on and follow the corridor round to the left. Go up a short ramp and through the double doors. Continue up the ramp and go past the set of stairs, the HITT lab is the left-hand door (map).

Queen’s Annexe

This portacabin complex at the back of the Campus between Queen’s Building and Reid Hall contains a 24/7 lab, with 13 PCs. Access is via a College Card outside of normal hours.

Enter the building through the main door opposite Reid Hall, then turn left and follow the corridor round until you reach Room 141 (map).

Music Lab

Across the A30 and behind Wetton's Terrace (Music Department) is the Music Lab (map). Open 8.30am-6pm

International Building

The International Building Call lab (IN006) and PC lab 1 (IN005) are situated on the left wing of the ground floor. Access through the ground level doors to the far left of the main staircase entrance, then turn left and follow the corridor to the very end (map). 24/7 access is via College card.

Postgraduate labs

Arts Building S17

Take the stairs on the left of the main entrance to the top floor. Go through the first double doors in front of you and then the single door to S17 (map). There are 16 PCs available and a scanner. 24/7 access is available via College card. 

International Building IN030

To the right of the main International Building entrance is a ground level access to the building. Through the entrance and to the right is the Postgraduate lab with 17 PCs and a scanner available (map). 24/7 access is available via College card.

All registered users.

Service hours

Most PC labs are available 24/7 using the College Card at door entry points.

Some PC Labs located within academic buidings are restricted to the department's students only.

Service targets

  • Hardware covered under warranty will be reported to the maintainer who will respond within 8 working hours.
  • Hardware outside warranty will be assesed and repaired or replaced on a best efforts basis.
  • Software faults will be investigated during core times and fixed on a best efforts basis.



Getting help

Log a call - IT Service Desk:



T: (01784 41) 4321

Laptop Support and Mobile Device Clinic

Bedford Library 2-01

Clinic Opening Times...


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