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Uploading Images - How do I upload a new image into the Navigator?

Uploading Images - How do I upload a new image into the Navigator?

Images to be used in Contensis must be uploaded into a graphics folder.

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They can be in the following formats:

  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • GIF.

Images can only be uploaded into the folders that have the correct content permissions, i.e. will accept images.

A folder called graphics has been set up for you but you can also create sub folders to manage the images:

  • click on the Graphics folder
  • select Create New Content from the menu 


  • the Select File screen will appear


  • click the Browse button to find the image
  • the path will then appear in the box  
  • click the Next Step button.


A thumbnail view of the image will display and the original file name will have autopopulated the Title, Filename, Menu name and Alt (alternative) text fields.


 Retype the field names if required.

The same limitations over certain characters not allowed apply, as with other content types and pages:

  • add the Alternate text to help with the description of the image
  • click on the Finish button.


Your image will be stored in the selected Navigator folder.

Images that have been uploaded can then be inserted by dragging and dropping them into a page.

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